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    Saw your mention of Inositol, part of a post re Melatonin, and immediately dashed to the site where I buy vites and supplements.

    Found several sorts of Inositol: Choline Bitartrate Inositol 250 mg tablets, Inositol Powder 1000 mg suggested serving in a 2 oz bottle, IP-6 Inositol Hexaphosphate, 510 mg caps,Inositol 500 mg caps, Choline/Inositol 500 mg caps.

    As I read what you wrote about "sleeping like a queen" (ENVY. Huge amounts, lol) it sounds as if you are using the plain old nothing else with it Inositol.
    Do I have that right, please?

    At this point I'd almost let someone hit me over the head and send me into LaLa Land. I said Almost. SLEEP! I need real sleep and no, I wasn't shouting with that all-capped word.

    I tell you, Levels 1 & 2 just aren't cutting it any more and certainly not when I'm trying to pack to move. Gave up in chagrin yesterday afternoon: some kind soul, while I was watching the inside of my eyelids yesterday, left me a huge stack of boxes for packing stuff.

    Fantastic! So I thought the best thing would be to get the five grocery bags of books out of the way, drag boxes in, shove them into the second bedroom.

    But: when my resolve sort of flipped sideways I found I was taking the boxes back OUT to the porch and completely ignoring the bagged books that were supposed to go out there.

    Well, I know when to quit pushing myself so stopped. Only felt a lil bit guilty for not doing anything besides vegging in front of the big glass eye in the living room.

    Anyway if you could give me some input as to what sort Inositol you think would be best for sleeeep, wonderful sleep, please let me know? No big rush, take it easy on yourself.

    Thanks ahead of time,

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    Dear J:

    First off I don't think I wrote to thank you for clearing up my confusion re the many sorts of Inositol.

    So....Thank You!

    In the interim between 7/27 and now there has been a move from house to apartment, hideous reactions to this new building which is mostly made of petroleum products (carpeting, paint, linoleum, pressed wood and glue "cabinets"), cough gag somebody please open windows and doors, oh they ARE open? oops.

    Please forgive the gap in your reply and my finally getting Beastly My Computer to work. Boy oh boy did I ever name this machine correctly!

    Thanks again very much,

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