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    I do get out into the sun as much as possible, because someone told me unless we DO get outdoors at least 10 to 15 minutes per day, the pilled D doesn't get "activated." (Her word.)

    Unfortunately, no I cannot go to another dr for the bloodwork. The beauty I have now is IT as regards any dr within reasonable distance who accepts MediCare/MedicAid.

    And it turns out that "my" dr may have to close his doors to M/M-dependent patients...unless he can get some Big Insurance-using patients...thanks to CA's Governor.

    Same with "my" pharmacy which is now having to refuse service to all of us M/M people. Pharm employee suggested I take my MediCare Plan D, a thing called HealthNet Orange, to WalMart because WM has way deep pockets and wouldn't suffer the losses that "my" pharmacy has for several months.

    And to think that the new and improved yeah right MediCare was supposed to help us...HA!

    Dr's billing lady, when I asked her what she would recommend if dr does have to stop serving M/M people, said we should go to hosp E R.
    Uh huh. I can just see E R on-staff doc (E R staff doc changes with each shift) handling multi-script people such as myself AND trying to help Emergency Patients.

    Jam, I said something stupid a couple days ago about how I'd reduce my TOO-sharp hearing if I could and I'm afraid I upset you or hurt your feelings.
    Please forgive me and believe I did not intend my words to hurt.


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