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    Hi Jaminhealth, this is Chelz. I had posted a while ago about my visit with a rheumatologist and I had brought up the issue of my weight.

    I had mentioned about thyroid tests and my inability to lose weight even though I have tried very hard in the past 2 years almost.

    I have been doing some research about thyroid issues and have learned a lot. As far as I can tell, Armour (natural) thryoid is the best one to take. Synthroid (mad made syntheic) is the one that causes more problems.

    Because of my nasty fibro fog, I didn't realize that my thyroid tests were taken back in 2009, my doctor had pulled them up on the computer. I did however, get a current TSH test taken just 6 months ago.

    Here are my results..........................what do you think?

    2009 reading is:

    TSH 2.52 0.400 is considered low, 5.500 is considered high.
    My current 2010 TSH reading dropped to 1.94

    Free T3 reading from 2009 was 3.8 1.8 is considered low, 4.6 is considered high.
    Free T4 reading from 2009 is 1.0 0.7 is considered low 1.8 is considered high.

    I hope this wasn't too confusing to read. Because doctors rarely discuss test results, that they consider in the normal range, I do not know if these resulsts could mean anything about my current situation. All I know is this: I have such a hard time losing the weight, my hair is getting thinner and thinner with loss, and my memory is getting much worse and I am only 45 years old.

    It is difficult for me to have even posted this, but I value your opinion so much, I mustered the brain power to write this, LOL.

    I suppose I need to get a new Free T3 and Free T4, since these two tests are old.
    It looks to me like the Free T4 is a little low, as well as the TSH. My new doctor only ordered the TSH, you know how it goes, they won't order T3 or T4 unless you ask them too.

    I have to switch primary care doctors because my current integrative doctor is just too busy giving lectures, appearing on TV, she is like a "celebrity doctor", she is not paying enough attention to her patients, never calls back when you have a question or concern. NOW, I have to find another doctor who will order the T3 and T4, geeeezzz, they look at you like you are crazy if you "ask" for these particular tests. I suppose they underestimate how much knowledge people like us who have chronic conditions really know. My sister and some of my friends didn't even know that T3 and T4 thyroid tests even existed in relation to the thyroid.

    Sorry I talked your head off, but thank you so much for asking for the test results. Don't know if I might or might not have a thyroid issue. Hugs and thank you, Chelz.
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    Jaminhealth and Olivia, thank you both for taking the time to read my "exhausting" post. Jaminhealth, I tried to google Armour Friendly Doctors and I did log on to the first site that popped up, however, when I tried to put my zip code in the box to search for these doctors, I got an error. I tried several times and still got the same error. I will try again later, but thank you for posting your numbers as well.

    Olivia, yes my current TSH is 1.94. When you say "well in the range" does that mean it is okay? or does that mean it might be off and something to look into?

    Oh, the dreaded perimenopause. Well, my periods are almost like clock work, never miss a month, as a matter of fact my cycles are every 29 days like clockwork. I don't know if that means perimenopause or not. I do have horrible PMS, but I always have, even at the age of 24 or 20 or whatever, it has always been bad.

    What should I do as far as the hormone thing? Just make an appointment with my gyno and have her check hormones? Which hormones, if you know, do they check? If the answer to a "hormone" problem is birth control pills, no way will I ever go on them. I am too old, plus hate to say, I smoke, so those pills are an extreme no-no. A dermatologist wanted to check my hormones because my skin has been breaking out really bad, and I haven't had a break out like this since I was about 22. Also, I have been under extreme stress, expecially in the last about 6 months, just depressed, hurting, feeling alone, I suppose all these things can affect the hormones in some way. I am just feeling too overwhelmed about everything and would rather just put a blanket over my head and body and go to sleep, that is about how much motivation I have, unfortunately. Hugs, Chelz.
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    Chelz New Member

    It's funny how you mentioned getting my Vitamin D checked out. I just went in for my D blood test yesterday, I got the results back, I am no longer in the "abnormal" range. My level this time was 46. I first had it checked back in October of 2010 and it was 21.

    My doctor has me get the blood test every 3 months. My next blood test was in January and it was 28, my doc said it was still too low, so I upped my levels to 7,500. IU's per day and now I am at 46, BUT, I really do not feel any better than when it was 21, go figure.

    Anyway, I have not had my adrenals checked. I never thought of asking for that test, but then again, my doctor never mentioned getting it either. I wonder if I asked for one, if she would put a blood test order in for me, might as well. I have heard a lot about adrenal fatigue, but I am not sure how that would relate to me, but it could, thanks for that suggestion.

    As far as stress goes? I don't do much for that. I am currently thinking of going to a counselor, I have many stresses in my life, with FM being the worst. I just haven't had the motivation to call my insurance company yet.

    As for antidepressants, I have mentioned on this board a few times that I will never go back on them. I was on Elavil and Paxil (not at the same time), BEFORE I had my FM diagnosis, and I gained 100 pounds from both, not to mention the withdrawal effects and other side effects were horrible, so be careful on the Lexapro, it might work for you, but I have been on 4 different antidepressants since 1995 and ALL of them worked against me in one way or another, so I won't go down that road again even if a counselor suggested it.

    This extreme weight gain from these drugs was one of the reasons I questioned my thyroid. I really do feel that kind of weight screwed me up. From my origianl post, I had said that even with having FM practically all my life, weight was never ever an issue with me, I used to look great in my skinny jeans, LOL, but not anymore.

    Also, being 45 soon to be 46, having FM being in the chronic pain and fatigue, it is almost next to impossible to lose that kind of weight, which is frustrating. I didn't need to have that kind of problem on me, it is like insult to injury and it really messed with my self esteem too.

    I used to feel bad for people who were overweight, but becaue I never was before the drugs, I really didn't understand how it messes with your self esteem, but now I do, and it "it's not pretty".

    I know that counselors try to get people to take these drugs, but I am adament that I will not go through that again. I am still suffering the effects from those drugs the first time around. Sooooooooooooo, anyhow, I talked your ear off again, sorry about that. Thanks for writing and the advice, I truly appreciate it from both of you. Hugs, Chelz.

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