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    hi, and thanks for your response on my earlier post re. peptides.

    are you the 2nd person besides mikie who is trying peptides? is the treatment in your city of residence?

    do you have any clues as to why so few have tried it? is it because they are available in so few places? thanks. Rita
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    thought of it, but didn't venture there....for one thing the cost. Then, are they really for me, maybe, maybe not.

    My worst issues NOW are messed up body from hip replacement surgery, structurally a mess and hence more joint pain.

    We have MD's in my town who do these and I think they start at like $330, then also one has to go off a lot of meds etc before an injection....I take a lot of supps that help me enough and do other protocols I can afford like: acupuncture and mesotherapy injections.

    Why, so few have tried them, maybe the cost and if MD's are available near one to go to them. Those are my thoughts.

    I presented these peptides to a group on an RA and other auto immune diseases board and got a LOT of interest and I "think" one or two has tried them, but haven't followed the outcomes of those who tried the peptides...and of course as Mikie has said there are a lot of different "solutions" for different issues.

    Rita, why are you considering the peptides? I know Mary here on the board did 1 for the CFS she deals with, she came over to a doc on my side of town as he does them....she didn't get enough help to continue. As I recall, the doc said she would know after the first one if they should continue. Mary, maybe you can chime in.

    Have you thoroughly worked on Thyroid? So much of the FM is connected to thyroid. Would you consider acupuncture for a while and see if that protocol could help you. Prolotherapy can help too, both these are much less pricey. If money is NO issue and doc is close by then it's not a problem. [This Message was Edited on 12/12/2012]