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    Hi Jam, didn't want to hijack Pasara's post, so thought I'd write separately.

    And thanks, it is beautiful here.

    You know, I'd never have ever done 'est', the way it was originally run........... but Landmark is a lot different as you know.

    I do recommend it highly to anyone with the slightest interest after looking it up on the 'net, except I'd also highly recommend anyone going to ignore the hard sales talk at the end of the 3 days to get you to bring others in - unless you do know someone you think might benefit.

    I know they do this because they do no advertising, but, that is not something I can do with just anyone.

    I did talk about it to a couple of friends, but for the same reasons I could never do MLM marketing (even tho one doesn't get an incentive at all from Landmark), I could never 'work' on them to go. I tend to be a bit of a loner and NOT that kind of a salesperson, so, that part didn't work for me. As much as it helped my friend, quite honestly she also lost a few friends for a while by trying to almost force them to go. I don't think Landmark itself meant for someone to do that.

    But I really loved the program, did the Forum 1 & 2, they really brought together the best of all the self-motivation, buddhist thought, etc., it is well put together.

    My friend actually paid for her ex to go as she found it opened up a path for her to forgive him, and really wanted to be able to co-parent. As I said, it did do an awful lot for him and he apologizedfor his behavior during the divorce, as, he actually got 'it'; also it helped her eldest daughter who'd had a hard time with the divorce due to so much manipulation by the dad.

    I also had my daughter go to the teen forum, and it helped her a LOT as well.

    OK , disclaimer time: I don't mean for this to to be an infomercial, it's likely not for everyone, and I have never worked for or even volunteered time for the Landmark org....

    all the best,

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