Jaminhealth ..would you mind if I asked you a question?

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    Hi Jaminhealth, :)
    I read with great interest your posts extoling the virtues of grapeseed extract...
    I am having serious problems with sensitivities/ allergic-type symptoms and feel that these are some of my main stumbling blocks to improvement...

    I am so glad to see your comments about how GE has helped with your allergy symptoms and wondered whether you would be happy to share with me what brand you use, what daily dosage you take and how long it was before you saw results?

    I ordered a supplement just last night - (before doing a search on GE here today and coming across your message)
    - by Enerex which is GE combined with Green Tea Extract but I'd love to know exactly what you're using since you have had such consistently positive results in all the years you've been taking it.

    I hope you see this - I'll keep bumping anyway inthe hopes you do... :)

    I am so glad you found something that helped you...thanks for sharing :)

    Thanks.... Shell :)

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    Hi...my supplement arrived this morning :) I think I recall you said you take your GE on an empty stomach. The one I've ordered says to take with a meal... I was wondering which I should do? Is there a specific reason why you take it on an empty stomach?
    Thanks so much....Shell :)
    Ps Sorry about this but I really want to see results!

    Oh, I meant to add this: I saw a brand called Source Naturals selling something called Pycnogenol Complex which incorporates GE and pycnogenol with all sorts of other anti-oxidants like green tea... I was wondering what you thought about this one? It's quite expensive but I thought it might be worth trying to get 'saturated' (I think you called it!) :) Thanks again, Shell :)
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    Sorry for so many questions! I was just wondering how bad your allergies/ sensitivities were and whether you struggled with them on a daily basis? I seem to have horrible sensitivities to natural and chemical stuff, and also have to struggle with a highly sensitive skin (I have dry, sensitive rosacea on my face as well as rosacea affecting my eyes which get very dry and irritated). I also have asthma and headaches which are probably allergy-related.
    Once again, Jaminhealth, thanks for all your help and advice...this will be the last lot of questions, I promise! :) Shell[This Message was Edited on 09/17/2008]
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    Thanks so much for answering my questions! :)

    My doc just keeps throwing anti-histamines at me - I don't think she's trying to be unhelpful but the anti-histamines tend to do nothing at all! I think she doesn't know what else to do.
    I seem to have rosacea and ocular rosacea as I said....and, if I leave stuff (skincare/ makeup)off my skin/ eyes it's as if my skin and eyes have no protection and flare up...if I then try to use stuff to protect my skin (which needs moisture as it is so dry) and eyes like moisturiser and eye makeup I get headaches, sinus pain, feeling of sickness etc. It's a double-edged sword; in trying to address one thing I make the other worse and vice versa.
    If I try using nothing at all....not even washing my face, my skin gets raw as do my eyes (which also sort of gunk up and itch) and I start to feel sick...it's a bit of a catch-22.
    To complicate matters, I have one cleanser (which is an eye makeup remover) which I can use to clean my face and eyes and it is no longer made...well, it is but the company has changed all the ingredients and it now makes me react like everything else does. I also have one moisturiser I can rely on and the same thing has happened to that. Fortunately, I have a little of the cleanser and moisturiser left but I am so reactive that I am fearful of not finding replacements. I spend most of my time researching stuff I might be able to tolerate when my cleanser/ moisturiser stash runs out....I have been thinking recently though that the best way might be able to build myself up via supplements so I might be able to tolerate more things...that's the plan anyway! I am hoping it'll work.

    I have tried natural cleansers, moisturisers (my current one is 100% natural), mascaras, makeup and I still get bad reactions....I think my whole immune system is kaput! I was recently able to use a mineral powder foundation which enabled me to have semi-comfortable skin for the first time years and now it makes my skin dry and raw...I've not been able to go out in months cos my skin gets raw.... going outside also seems to be a trigger for my sinus pain...I went in the back garden the other day for literally minutes and my sinuses exploded with pain....I feel so trapped.. :(

    One thing that I'm confused about though is that my doc says my immune system is working too well....it is over-reactive so I'm thinking: is buying stuff to boost my immune sytem gonna help or not?

    I'm only 33 and I have a real zest for life but I feel imprisoned by this...I have had problems since I was 18...all seemingly building towards CFS, Fibro and chemical sensitivity....I'm not sure about the way forward..

    Would you happen to know if GE is an immune booster and whether this is a good idea in light of my doctor saying my immune system is too active...?

    I saw a Source Naturals supplement called Pycnogenol Complex which has 50mg pycnogenol, 50mg GE and lots of other things like quercetin, vit c, bilberry exrtract, gingko biloba etc...

    Thanks again, Jaminhealth...I really do appreciate your help and advice! :) Shell

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    The GE I bought is French..it says GE 100mg with minimum 95% Leucoanthocyanins and Green Tea 200mg with 50% Catechins/ Polyphenols. It has no binders, fillers, extenders or other additives... Does this sound along the lines of what I should be taking? I was a bit unsure about the Leucoanthocyanins as I read somewhere it should be Proanthocyanins...not sure what the difference is or even if there is one.

    I'm also about to start a Barlean's Greens supplement (only for the month as it's very expensive)...it's one of those green powders you mix with water..tastes revolting! :)

    I am gradually going to add calcium with magnesium as I have bad headaches and neck and shoulder tension - I was told magnesium can help to relax muscles. And I take flaxseed caps every day to help lubricate from the inside out (dry skin and eyes etc)...

    All this is not easy on a tight budget! I've also been trying to eat a bit more healthily and cut right back on the chocolate....

    You know, I had this food intolerance test once which said I was sensitive to milk, sunflower oil and hazelnuts (these were things I ate in huge huge quantities when I was little so there could be something in it!) It also said I should minimise yeast but that is very hard to cut....I don't want to start getting super restrictive as I'm sure cutting out whole food groups can't be good...
    Anyhow, I've been upping the good proteins like fish and chicken and trying to eat lots of fruit, veg and having lots of mineral water! I've been trying to bounce on my rebounder for a couple of mins each day to get the lymph system moving!

    I think the thing I'm bad at is sleeping and it's so important to restoration, isn't it?

    Sorry for all my ramblings....and thanks again...it's great to have someone to talk to about all this...sometimes I feel like family think I am a little strange...they are caring but I think cos they don't have odd symptoms that they have a hard time understanding mine!
    Thanks so much for sharing....it seems like you've helped so many people here by passing on your experience with GE...hope I'm another one to add to your list of successes!
    Shell :)
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    I think what my doc meant was that it isn't that my immune system is under-performing...it's actually over-performing... reacting to everything. She said it's a good thing as it means my body is fighting...it's just that it's fighting everything...it's perceiving everything as a threat, in other words... :( So, my immune system is over-working...

    Doctors never seem to want to discuss anything other than meds...

    It's interesting what you say about the vit D...maybe I should supplement that too as, like I said, I'm not able to get out at all right now. If I even go into the back garden (and the weather's fairly mild here in Liverpool right now) for a few mins my skin flares right up and my sinuses go nuts..and I dread my sinuses flaring badly as it seems to trigger my neck and shoulder pain to get worse....it's a bit of a domino effect... It's bizarre to me that a little fresh air should make my skin and sinuses react so violently...

    Jaminhealth, I did mean to ask you: my doc has given me anti-histamines which don't seem to help but I wonder whether I should take them alongside the GE? Did you drop the other allergy meds when you started up on your pycnogenol then GE protocol or keep taking the meds alongside the supplements for a while?

    Thanks for the heads-up on the coconut oil; unfortunately, I can't seem to tolerate straight oils...even though my skin is very dry on my face straight oils irritate. Also, even oils applied to my face seem to trigger chemical sensitivity reactions....

    Last year, I had to see a derm because whenever I tried to apply stuff to my face I would itch insanely from head to toe and the itch would move around...I literally would spend hours chasing extreme itches all over my body which was exhausting (esp when you're already exhausted!) The derm said no allergies but many sensitivities which she couldn't identify... Her suggestion was anti-histamines. She did say that this problem could resolve by itself. She also felt that it could be a psychological reaction (there would've been a time when this would've offended me but at this point I didn't care...it was just something I wanted shot of!) It did calm down about 6 months later after - I believe God answered a prayer... I still have awful chemical sensitivity reactions though (sinus pain, extreme nausea etc)but I'm hoping that'll resolve too.

    Oh well, sorry for the life story...don't worry about my inane ramblings...I would love to know, though, whether you took regular anti-histamine, allergy-type meds alongside the pycnogenol/ GE in the early stages?

    Thanks so much, Jaminhealth, for being so generous in sharing your experiences with me.... :) I'll be sure to keep you updated on my progress...


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    Just bumping... :)
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    I'll keep you posted! :)
  9. shelbo

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    Thanks once again!

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