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    OK--not a wuss here when it comes to ingesting medicine and supplements.

    The MSM powder? Tastes like butt and feet.

    How in the HE11 are you drinking this stuff?

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    OK. I'll give it a try. :) Thanks, Jam.

    I'm excited about trying it. I'm trying anything within my financial means to try. This option is not terribly expensive, so I'll give it a whirl.

    There have been other things that I've tried that came highly recommended but didn't help me, personally. Turmeric was one...the other ones escape me just now. I'm not disappointed when something doesn't work for me.

    My boyfriend of six years thinks it's awesome that I'm always trying something to help me feel better. His encouragement and support help so much. I'm so very lucky.

    Love and hugs.


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    that swear by turmeric. FM affects so many of us so differently, it seems.

    I didn't know turmeric was hard on the stomach. While I don't think I have an ulcer, I do have a sensitive stomach and intestines. That would explain why I was having extra digestive problems during the time of trial with turmeric. And why I have trouble eating Indian food. (as much as I love it!)

    So much of this effort, for me, is intuitive. If I have a good feeling about something, and it doesn't interfere with anything else in my regimen, I try it.

    And let's not forget the grape seed extract! That has done the most for me. I'm so grateful to have found out about it.

  4. I am still waiting for my msm too be delivered and PRAYING it helps, according to the book it sounds like a lifesaver for so many. I told my brother if it helps me, I would buy some for him, he has RA.

    Even if it tastes bad I will take it !
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    I started taking it in tablet form. Does anyone know if it will work as good as the powder?

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    what kind of med that you were taking gave you the ulcer?
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    Jaminhealth, what is asprin for? I take the 81 pill (forgot what for). You think that MSM can perhaps replace celebrex? I have taken celebrex for years. I sometimes thought that it did not help much but when I stopped it for awhile some of my joints felt like they had gravel for lubricant (OA). My dr. said that it can cause bp to go up and I have been having big issues with my hbp.

    I read somewhere else on this board that MSM had other benefits beyond joint pain and allergies. Or was I dreaming? I think you were the author.

    I do appreciate all the info you post here. Thanks
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    hi Jam, if i remember right you said you mixed some msm in some emu oil or cream?? and if that was you how is it working? thanks, Kat
    ooh im still trying to choke down the msm myself, i have been mixing it in my emergen-c and if i hold my nose i can get it down,lol
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    Actually I did orders some source naturals MSM. I started taking it a week or so ago. I also changed bp meds a few days ago so it might be interesting to tease out what improvements or bad reactions are due to what.

    Recently, I have had some days that have brought me clarity mind wise. I am usually in a fog. Not sure why but I am not complaining.

    I am definitely willing to continue on with the MSM. I take one teaspoon daily. I will stay with this for awhile. When I am moved to increase the dose I will. It would be great to get off the celebrex. Thanks again for the info.