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    hi !

    i saw on a recent post that you might believe in aryuvedic medicine. and it got me wondering. i know you are into homeopathy, muscle testing, pendulum dowsing, supplements, chiropractic stuff, the power of words, prolotherapy, chi machine, crystals, and more. (i cant remember the rest)

    i just have to ask you this question-- are there ANY alternative medicine systems/ or procedures that you DON'T believe in?

    for example---accupuncture? detox foot baths or pads? colon cleanse? naet allergy elimination? bach flower remedies? the book "the secret"? books and teachings of Louise Hay? Lightening process, reverse therapy, mikel therapy, gupta amygdala retraining? sauna sweat lodges? reiki?

    i am just wondering if you believe in anything and everything called "alternative", (for the sole reason that it is "alternative") or if you have some sort of process that you evaluate each thing individually, and then decide.

    is there anything in alternative medicine that you think is a scam or just totally non effective?

    just wondering-

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    ok. thanks. i thought this would be a very interesting conversation.

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    thanks for the reply. so you really do think all alternative protocols have validity. ok, interesting!

    what to me is so interesting is that you are a total skeptic about god/religion, but a total non-skeptic about anything alternative healing. to me, that is an unusual combination.

    do believe in reiki? how about astrology? tarot cards?

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    Very succinctly, I just wanted to say thank you to you for sharing your wealth of information with us. I for one have learned so very much from you!

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    Some hospitals in the US now use Reiki in the operating rooms. They have no idea why it works, they just know that patients have better outcomes from their surgeries regardless of whether or not they believe in Reiki.
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    ive tried reiki for myself but didnt find it too helpful. But my daughters eye infection which had pus and blood coming out of her eye and wasnt responding to antibiotics really healed fast after i took her for reiki sessions.

    Also a cleaning lady who was sick for almost a year going to one doc after another with no relief; she completely recovered from her dizzy nauseous spells, body weakness and tingling all over after i took her to the reiki healer who helped my daughter.

    Incidentally i was recommended reiki for my fatigue by a lady acquaintance who said her years of migraines just disappeared totally after she took reiki.

    My fatique responded very well to another kind of practise called pranic healing; i got instant results from that unfortunately the clinic i went to has shifted now and no forwardng address.
    Mobile phones werent in use then which i really regret.

    I truly wish i knew a dowsing practitioner to point out where to dig a well. We've been
    digging and trying to find water over at my brothers place with no success. I could really
    have done with a dowsing stick or pendulum, maybe it wouldve saved us so much money, lol.

    God Bless