jammin help confused on vit d

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    First off thanks for info on Grapeseed Extract it is the bomb!

    I have been taking fish oil Omega 3 and fish oil concentrate. Is this vit d? my doc and pharmacist said no.

    If not no wonder my d stays low.It was 9 on last t
    I just got the MSM you take and potassium and acidphilus. There are other things I take from my Nucca chiro that are whole food supplements.

    I hate taking drugs and was just put on Doxycyline for Lyme.Plus a new muscle relaxer and Lortab.
    re-thinking this and may go natural.

    So what is Vit D?
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    I'm sure jammin will find this and reply.

    Vitamin D is exactly that - a Vitamin D supplement. I think it's fairly easy to find. I know it comes in pill form - maybe some other form as well.

    Google it and it will even tell you where you can order it - but I bet you can find it where you bought your other things.
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    i am actually surprised she hasnt answered yet. i take vit d3 i think i have read it is the best absorbed by your body. i am going to start the grapeseed extract soon. fish oil is also very good for your heart. my doc told me to start taking a long time ago and i have and read more about it, it also helps your mental focus and wellbeing.

    good luck

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    The Inuit get their vitamin D from eating fish, but I don't know how much you actually would get out of taking processed fish oils. Not what you need at any rate. But the bad thing about taking vitamin D in supplement form is that it is incredibly easy to overdose on. If you want to go natural as opposed to taking meds, let me suggest to you to get your vit D in it's most natural source possible, and that is by lying in the sun and soaking up the rays! It's impossible to overdose that way as your body converts the suns ultra violet rays into vitamin D.

    Doctor's are now actually starting to say that using sunscreen is actually harmful in that more and more people are using it, and the amount of people becoming vitamin D deficient are increasing equally. So, take the sun in moderation to avoid burns and let your body create that which it needs. It's the simpliest and cheapest solution possible!

    Cheers and best of luck to you,