Jammin I wanted to tell u my story about grapeseed extract this is a true

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    I am bedridden most of the time with FMS and a few other things that are wrong with me. I noticed I started bleeding from the bowel. I told my doctor but I had a colonocopy just a about six months prior so we thought it was a fisture (sp)as it was a small amount of blood we decided to wait. Then I started to bleed regular and the bleeding became worse. I did not tell my Dr. for a year at that point the bleeding was pretty bad. He sent me to a specialist for a colonoscopy. It was determined I had ischemia colitis (sp). That Dr. ordered a ultra sound to see if I had a vascular blockage but they could not find one so he was trying to figure what to do and and decided to watch it and do another one in six months. I started to bleed heavy so he talked to the vascular Dr and he told him since it did not show up on the ultra sound that it was not that so he told him to do another colonoscopy. The Dr at that point told me that if it was the same he would have to refer me to another expert as he did not know what was causing it. In the meantime I started taking Grapeseed extract. This was approximately three weeks prior to me going in and three weeks from the time of my heavy bleeding. Well I went in and I was healed. I figured what had happen is the Grapeseed extract improved my circulation to the point that the blood flow got to my colon and healed it. I could not tell this was working on me at the time but I know this is what happen as knew according to the Dr's my circulation was cut off to the area and it was dying. I also feel it has helped my brain function and my conitive problems to a degree. I wanted to tell my story to you as I know how much you believe in it and I wanted to let you know I do too. A friend of mine has taken it for years and swears by it and she does not have what we have but she has tenenitous, diabetic, some other things. So Jam I am with you as since I started taking it I no longer bleed from the bowel and now I notice the improvement in my circulation and my cognitive funtion. One more testomonial (sp) I need spell check.
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    I don't take GSE myself, however, for those who doubt its worth, check out Pubmed. There are over 200 articles about this antioxidant. Once I've used up my vast collection of vitamins and supplements, GSE is one that I am seriously considering adding.
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    I too would like to try Grape Seed Extract, especially after reading so many good things about it here on this message board, but also a lady at our small bible study group that had FM said yesterday, it was the only thing that really helped her pain.

    Just wondering what the minimal starting dose would be as I have watch what goes into my poor irritable stomach.

    Thanks for any info.

    Take care,

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    Going to store tomorrow and purchase. Hoping it will help with my chronic pain which tonight is everywhere.

    I am going to start at 50mg due to my stomach issues and I only weigh 102 lbs.

    Thanks again for helping me out with the dosage.

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    Did you tell your doctor you were on GSE? GSE is also a blood thinner (edited by ProHealth Moderator)

    While I am glad you are feeling better, (edited by ProHealth Moderator) I doubt that the GSE would cure something like this in three weeks. It may have started healing before that.

    Please, please, everyone, tell your doctor what meds. and vitamins, supplements, etc. you are on.

    Here's to your continued wellness.

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    Fascinating reading. Money, influence and disclosure issues. Perhaps not occurring at EVERY med school. But aren't those Harvard Med grads going to become the leaders of the future?
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    I use a combination of Rx and supps in my regimen. Just a reminder to be sure to inform your docs about adding any supps or "natural" products. Some meds can interfer with supps and vice versa. Some can combine, exacerbating unwanted side effects.

    I have a sheet of emergency info on my fridge which includes all my meds and supps. My doc also has the list. Under the sheet is an envelope with my living will and a copy of my insurance card. Many of us live by ourselves without family close by (my sheet also includes emergency contacts). My contacts also have the list. I did this after one of my neighbors had a stroke at one of our condo mtgs. No one had any emergency info on him. He eventually died and this was a wake-up call for many of us.

    Also, like most of us, when I do add a product or Rx, I perform my due diligence before taking it.

    Love, Mikie

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