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    Jan, thank, and I'll be sending prayers up for you, too!

    Let me know how you are doing...today, think I could smoke one big as a redwood tree...then the other part of me says, "NO THANK YOU!"...I think this is what is the hardest part, the continueing arguement with yourself over "do I or don't I wanna smoke?!"

    To someone who has never smoked, those of us who are giving it a real push to quit must sound sort of goofy, but believe me, you don't feel goofy. I really feel confused,but the wanna quit does win out if there are NO SMOKES IN THE HOUSE. I really think that if I could lay my hand on a 2 week old butt I would probably lite it up today. Tomorrow may be another story.

    I keep thinking about the person I want to be, have put on hold for many years, and know that if I'm ever going to be HER, the I've gotta give up the smokes, start exercising, so I can start to feel better (I hope)to accomplish that.

    Hang in there...don't give up on you! And I'll be trying not to give up on me.

    Your letter did me a world of good right now. Thanks!


    Sumbuni..(just huffin', not puffin' today!)