Jana and those following my dental woes. It get's worse

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  1. ckball

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    I called my new dentist on Wed and asked for more abx because I gums are not healing. After 2 weeks I still have many ulcers, yellow areas inside the holes that won't close. I have done everything I was told to do as far as after care.

    My big mistake was using peroxide, but stopped several days ago when I found out how harmful it was.

    Yesterday my new dentist calls me to say he is not sure he wants to take me on.

    He is concerned that he is not capable of doing the work needed on my lower gums and bones.

    He is pushing me to go back to PA and have the dentist that pulled them go back and remove the excess bone.

    He is being be careful in not saying they screwed me up but that is the feeling I get.

    He said that had I came to see him first, he would have not pulled that many teeth at one time. He would have sent me to a oral surgeon.

    I asked why the PA dentist not tell me that and he said maybe she has more expereinced than him and was more comfortable doing that many extractions.

    Then the whole sedation thing came up and I told him that I was not as sedated as I was told I would be and was fully awake and remember everything.

    It caused my scoliolsis to be aggravated and my upper back, neck and shoulders caused me a great deal of pain afterward. I was tight as a board during the entire procedure, I tried to mentally calm myself down, tried deep breathing thru the nose, etc. But stayed tense the entire time.

    The new dentist is very sympathectic and understands I can not go back to PA and is going to call the PA office and do some leg work for me to how this is going to be resolved. I paid cash so I can not go to my credit card company for help in getting my money back.

    It was the straw that broke the camels back. I have had a myriad of things go wrong this week and had to buy a new printer before I could do my glass work.

    So when he called, I lost it. I was crying on the phone while talking to him and cried for over 1/2 hour after. I took my klonopin at 5 pm, never have taken it during the day, always at bedtime.

    My only hope is that the PA office would refund me enough money to find a oral surgeon here to fix my problems. I have spent over $3500 to have teeth and all I have is bad bones and gums. It may be MONTHS before this is fixed.

    I don't know what else to do but wait to see what the new dentist can arrange with the PA office. I found out they are a francise not a chain. Each office is it's own separate entity. No corp head overseeing all the offices. I feel like I have been screwed big time.

    Thank you for all of your support during this difficult time-Carla

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  2. browneyelady48

    browneyelady48 New Member

    Hi Carla, I had responded to your post when you had just had your teeth pulled. I am so sorry you are having so many problems. I havent had any problems. I did mine in April of this year. In the beginning it was very difficult to get use to, but within a few days I had no pain what so ever with my gums, and everything fit just right.

    For the gums to heal I was told to use salty water to gargle at night. And to take my dentures out at night.

    Since the pulling I have went back 3 times for adjustments, and have been very pleased. The first time they did a soft liner, which is something you can buy at wallmarts for $5.00

    Then as my gums continue to shrink I went back for a hard liner which is something they redid in the office. And the bottom got loose again after a few weeks with that and nothing would hold them in place and went back and he redid them.

    Now the bottom is perfect, I do use a little fixodent only because they cause some soreness on one side. I dont even have to use fixadent on the top plate.

    My worse problem was learning how to talk with them, but when they are adjusted right I dont even have a problem with that.

    The denist said I would be ready for the permanet (Premium Dentures) in Oct. but the girls there all agree I should wait a few months, so I am going to take there advise.

    I was not put to sleep either or given anything for pain. The nurse crushed to pills and put them in my month. I did know the name, but it was to relax me and drift off to sleep but not asleep and it made me not remember all the pain, I went through, and of course he did the numbing with the shoots.

    I hate that you are having such a hard time, the dr that did it, is he out of town, to where you can go back and have him readjust your temp. And if you havent tried the salty water, maybe that it help. Keep me posted. Have a bless day
  3. NyroFan

    NyroFan New Member


    It sounds awful. I am glad you have the stamina to fight.

    I recently had dental problems (again). I lost a tooth and went to a new dentist who took a zillion x-rays. He ended up convincing me to get a bridge. So, after a couple of visits I did.

    He said the bridge i had on the other side was in perfect shape. Well, guess what? I left his office and my other bridge fell out.

    My guess is that the x-rays did it. Bite here, bite there, bite harder. Harder!

    The bill was three thousand dollars. I gave them one thousand the day I was there.

    I called very upset and told them that i would not pay the balance unless they put in the other bridge that got knocked out.

    Well, they would not do it, but wrote off the two thousand left on my bill.


    I know you have it bad and I hope and pray it all gets resolved with you. I know how frustrating these things can get.

    Like you, I end up with neck and shoulder pain after a visit.

    At this point I can not stand dentists!

  4. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Thanks, I know I am not alone here. I knew there was a reason I have put this off for almost 2 years.

    I lost a front tooth next to the upper center 2 years ago and went without. Then when I broke 2 back teeth recently, I said it was time.

    Thanks for your support, it does mean a lot to me-Carla
  5. ckball

    ckball New Member

    bumping for Jana
  6. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    have this new dentist write up or give you a copy of what is in your new chart...maybe some copies of you films...if he has taken any...

    and yes an oral surgeon would be the best....

    they are more equipt w/the best equipment in case of emergenices...and more education than a general dentist..we used to used peridox rinse...and tetracyline rinses...so many things involved in oral surgery....

    sorry you got a bad one...

    file complaints and also contact the better business bureau...

    if this dentist is smart they will atleast want to refund your money opposed to being brought to the board and possibly risk suspension or revokation of their license...

    in california we have boards to complain to..

    i am a forced retired dental assistant...

    so good luck

  7. victoria

    victoria New Member

    So sorry to hear what you're going thru! I hope the money part can be worked out equitably, it's good that doctor offered to call them and intercede on your behalf tho.

    But the rest of it... that is hard to know what to do now, plus all the muscle spasms/flare... is that new dentist able to recommend someone to you?

    Hope things work out in the end for you!
    all the best,

  8. spacee

    spacee Member

    This brings tears to my eyes. I feel so bad for you. Praying that it will be resolved...know it will take time though.


  9. PVLady

    PVLady New Member

    One idea, you might see if there is a dental school/univeristy near you that might be able to help you.

    I think their fees are less and they may be able to help you.

    There is a dental school in Louisville, KY. Perhaps you could call them and see if they can help.

    I am very sorry for what you are going through....

  10. Jana1

    Jana1 New Member

    I will show the update to my husband in the morning...hugs, Jana
  11. maedaze

    maedaze New Member

    Sorry to jump in here, have been following your story and i am so sorry your having to go through all this. Hopefully someone can sort this mess out with out you having to pay more money.

    Surely the first dentist is responsible and if he is a reasonable person then he should pay for the follow ups where you are now.

    Also I think franchises although they are owned individually they are also "under" certain overall contracts. So if you don't get any joy from the dentist, definatly take it further to the franchiser.

    Hope you are feeling a little better or at least getting some relief, It's a bad enough thing to go through without all this on top.
    Take care maedaze
  12. pika

    pika New Member

    I'm so sorry, reading about all that you (and others) have suffered with dental woes. For a long time, I thought I was the only "misfit", because of all the dental problems I had for so many years.

    My upper went very well -- one trip to the oral surgeon and home with the dentures in place. I had a lot of bruising and swelling, but after 3 weeks all was healed and good to go.

    The lower, however, has been like a 4 year nightmare, only recently becoming tolerable. I opted for a soft liner about 10 months ago, and it allowed my gum to heal up. But the soft liners do eventually harden. Mine developed rough spots, which started irritating the gum again. I've just gone back to a hard liner, but it's more tolerable this time, since the ulcers were able to heal up.

    Just want to thank you all for sharing, because it has lifted my spirits to find out I'm not alone in this. I only pray that research can one day link all this together so that others don't have to go through unnecessary pain like this. If having the pain weren't bad enough, enduring the 3rd degree from dentists with no clue why "normal" procedures don't work for us few was so humiliating!

    Hang in there... the eventual relief will come.
  13. Jana1

    Jana1 New Member

    Hi Carla, my husband said a liner you can get over the counter that will help between appts, is:

    SEA-BOND otc cushion.

    Did the PA dentist give you a couple of choices how to have it done? Did they say if all teeth were pulled at once it would be hard on you? Did they give you the option of having a few teeth at one time with healing times in between?

    Pulling them all at once is the least expensive way to go, but it IS hard on the patient and it is really never a good option with that many teeth. At any rate, it would not be done that way without having a major sedation fee.

    Anyway, it is done now and you need to move on from here.

    I am going back to find out why you had your teeth done in PA instead of where you live.

    Now you are in the position of either having to go back to PA and stay there until you are satisfied, or using more money to hav it handled where you live..

    Is it your birthday today? I think so...I hope you are enjoying your day despite the problems...Jana
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  14. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Jana- thank you for talking to your DH again. The teeth are just too big and a liner makes it worse. I am just wearing my uppers when I will be out like today.

    I worked on Fridays for a freind at her antique shop. Otherwise I go without any. The abx is helping already, it is Cleocin 150 mg, 2 every six hours and do the salt water rinse alot when I'm at home. I keep 2 glasses on my coffee table when I'm on my laptop. One with salt water the other the "spitune".

    The reason I went to PA was my daughter was taking 2 weeks of work for her carpel tunnel sugery and she also had dental surgery, she had 5 titatium screws inplanted.

    She usually takes a week at Christmas and I usually go then but since she had to use her vac time for surgery I decided to go ahead and have mine done while I was there.

    Affordable Dentures is a chain and has locations in my area and one in my daughters town. I called the 800 number and explained everything and they said no problem.

    Since I live alone in the country and at the time my only 2 freinds had enough on their plate, I didn't want them to have to take me to the appointment, plus I was not to be left alone for 24 hours. So going to my daughters made sense.

    I went on Mon and had xrays and molds, Tue was the surgery. I paid $150 for "oral sedation", that was a joke. It did not work and was wide awake and remember it all. I would have been better off taking my ambien and a percocet that morning.

    I went back on Fri for the soft liner and still no mention that something wasn't right. They knew I was going back home that weekend and was told to follow up with my new dentist asap.

    I really don't want to have to go back, I would like a partial refund so I can go to a oral surgeon here to correct the bone issue.

    I will know more late Mon or Tues.

    Thanks again everyone who has replyed. It helps to know people care-Carla

    Yes I had a good birthday, it is on another thread-
  15. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I forgot to mention they tell me me most people have more lower issues than upper. They did suggest that later I could have the titiaum snaps inplanted in the lower bone and the denture have a snap and they just snap together so there is no movement.

    The assistant had them and took her teeth out to show me. I am sure that will be the only way to go when this is all over in a year or so. The cost is $1295 for 4 snaps. She said she loves hers.

    My daughter called me yesterday and wants me to have the ols dentist release my xrays to her. She will take them to her oral surgeon and get his opinion and maybe let him do my work. She just loves him.

    I am not sure I want the old dentist to fix them after all of this. If she didn't do it right the first time, how can I be sure she will do it now. I'll just wait and see what happens this week.

    Thanks again-Carla
  16. browneyelady48

    browneyelady48 New Member

    Hi Carla, Just checking with you to see how you are. I didnt realize you had went away to have this done. Bless your heart. I also used Affordable Dentures. I beleive each office may be different.

    The one I go to is great, and there are alot of people that come there when they could go to one that is closer, but they say this one is the best.

    I am confused why you paid 150. for sedation. He gave me a script to get filled before he pulled my teeth and it was 4 pills for $5. which I was given I beleive 2.

    Have you contacted Affordable Dentures? Maybe you could go to one closer home for followup. I hate you are in the situation you are in. Have a bless day. Brenda
  17. browneyelady48

    browneyelady48 New Member

    Just checking to see how you are
  18. darude

    darude New Member

    As I told you before I have to have this done soon and this is freaking me out. i'm just having uppers done and they are putting me out. I have mercury and root canals.
  19. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    But I looked at your bio and was impressed by the beautiful stained glass you did....wow! I hope you'll be able to return to it soon. Terri

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