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    I recall reading on some of your previous posts that you have had success Somersizing. I have too, and as you know I am doing it again, but I just cannot completely give up caffeine. I'm not talking strong coffee, just 2 cups of caffeinated tea a day. Do you think this will majorly impact the plan? I am not having them with meals--just like a mid-morning or late afternoon cup with Stevia and just a drip of cream or skim milk (as the plan dictates). What do you think?

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    I admit, I didn't give up my coffee or my fat free creamer either. The first time I think I did. I drank decaf and actually did fine with it. The subsequent times I did not give up my coffee. I found that I did not have to follow the plan to the T to have excellent results.

    Example - I think mustard is considered a carb? I still used it on hamburgers. I could be wrong with that, but I remember there was something that was weird and I thought it's such a small thing that gives me such pleasure. =)

    I think I need to do it again, I've been gaining weight for no apparent reason which makes me very unhappy. It's so easy to follow don't you think? - once you get the basic rules down?

    Good luck to you!! - Please keep me posted on your progress. Are you trying to lose a lot of weight?

    PS I'll have to remember my favorite meals and share them with you. Please do the same.
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    Thanks for your reply.

    I have to have my tea! I am trying to limit it to two cups per day.

    I am waiting for the 'melt' to start. Last time, the weight started to come off between week's three and four. Today makes two weeks, so we'll see. I have my chubby fingers crossed! I am not looking to lose alot of weight--fifteen pounds would make me happy; twenty ecstatic. I want to basically eliminate the 'muffin top' and be able to tuck my shirt in and belt my jeans without being self-conscious. Thank God those tunic shirts are so stylish now and I am very tall like you. But that only goes so far. I weighed myself two weeks ago and will weigh myself again in another two weeks. It's a psychological thing.

    I looked up mustard in Suzanne's 'Fast and Easy' book and this is what she said about mustard: "I used to avoid mustard with Pro/Fats because I thought it had trace amounts of carbohydrates. Since then I have changed my tune and now allow it with Pro/Fats, Carbos and Veggies. It's a free food." I breathed a huge sigh of relief when I read that because I love dijon with my chicken cutlets. Speaking of, I made up a container of Suzanne's Somersize Bake and Fry Mix (a replacement for bread crumbs) and used it on chicken cutlets the other night. My husband and daughter raved over it, and said to only make chicken cutlets this way from now on. Coming from my Italian husband, that's a compliment; you don't mess with an Italian's chicken cutlets!! LOL!! This recipe is on page 235 in her 'Fast and Easy' book--the purple covered one. If you don't have this book let me know and I will post this overwhelmingly easy Pro/Fats recipe for you.

    I also made the Twenty Minute Chili in the same book on page 265. It's Pro/Fats and doesn't contain beans, so to make the rest of the family happy I opened a can of black beans and served them on the side for the others to add as they chose. I was pleasantly surprised; I did not miss the beans.

    I made the fat-free orange cream cheese (for toast) but did not care for it, but my daughter likes it. I plan on making the Whole Wheat Mushroom Lasagna on the weekend. Oh, also in the blue book, (Eat, Cheat..) there is a recipe for Lemony turkey burgers which my family enjoys.

    Oh, you know what--maybe you can clarify something for me . In all of her books, she has some Level One desserts. But when do you eat them? Alone or after a Carb/Veg meal is what I am guessing. I know she said you may have berries and cream after a Pro/Fats meal. The answer is probably buried somewhere in the books; I'l just have to hunt around, but if you have clarification on it, let me know.

    I am doing my best to stick with this plan. My stomach is very sensitive to sugar substitutes so I have to keep those to a minimum--this will probably aid me in keeping my caffeine consumption down. I am currently using Stevia--Somersweet bothered me too.

    I am slightly flaring now so it seems like everything is an effort. But I really want to stick with this, so we'll see what happens. Thanks for posting!!

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    It sounds like you're doing a fabulous job!! You should be really proud of yourself.
    I really only used her first book - and I really used that for the rules. You can google Somersizing recipes I think, and find different recipes which is kind of neat.

    Incredibly, I found that cooking was pretty easy. My favorite thing was just making taco salads -without the taco shell part. I love Mexican food. So I'd load up on the ground beef, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, salsa, fat free sour cream and sit with a big bowl of it on the couch!

    I first "Somersized" probably 12-15 years ago. I still to this day have only eaten a hamburger with a bun on it maybe 5 times since then. You just get in the habit of eating it on a plate with a fork, Add a slice of bacon, some cheese, pickles whatever, it's fabulous, and no guilt.

    I can't remember when you can eat the dessert. I didn't stick to it to a T. After you lose the initial weight you want you can just maintain and truthfully I think you can cheat a bit and not have awful consequences. My sister and brother in law used to Somersize all week, then on Sundays they'd eat whatever they wanted. They never gained a lb. They also realized they automatically chose good food after a while.

    In the winter/fall when the weather is cold, I found a sugar free hot apple cider mix. It comes in a packet, just add hot water. It was such a treat for me.

    I also found a spaghetti sauce that had 1 gram of sugar. Yeah - you probably want the name of it, huh? =) It might be Classico. Also there is a dressing that has 0 to 1 gram of sugar (Just Right?). I love that you can have Bleu cheese dressing!

    If you faulter a little way one way or another, don't worry about it - I have found this way of eating to be very forgiving.

    Oh I remembered something else that I made that I still do and love - do you like zucchini?

    You cut up zucchini thinly and onion in a pan - saute it in a small amount of oil (you can use butter remember too)
    Push the veggies to the side after they are sauteed and crack an egg in the pan. Immediately, start mixing the egg in with zucchini and onions. Add parmesan cheese. Let it stay on the stove top maybe another 5 minutes or so.
    It is SO good. I still make it, no matter what 'diet' I'm on. (I really don't diet)

    I also love Italian sausage with green peppers and onions. That's an allowed meal and a family favorite of ours.

    I'll see if I can find out anything about the desserts.

    PS I've found that the 2nd or 3rd time around the weight doesn't melt off the first week like it did the first time. Hang in there though - it WILL work and you'll feel good at the same time!!!!
    I'm proud of you!
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    I know I said I wasn't going to weigh myself for another two weeks...and here I am back-pedalling again.

    I was on my way into the shower before and I stared at my scale. I couldn't take the suspense anymore, so I weighed myself..I lost seven pounds in two weeks!! Yeah!!!

    Anyway, it's not total elation, I got alot more 'melting' to do if I really didn't even notice it. But I am psyched and I feel pumped enough to forge on. Yay Suzanne!!

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