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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by aldejavu79, Feb 15, 2006.

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    I just saw that you are from philadelphia and wanted to see if you had any good referrals in the area for doctors. I live in center city and have just made an appointment at jeffrerson's rheumatology for next tuesday. I thought about going to the ffc in king of prussia, but the cost is crazy. I have spent so much money this past month trying to figure out what is wrong, that i am broke. I have been out of work for 2 weeks, and have no clue if i really have fm (whatpcp diagonsised me with) or lyme. I am 26 and am scared and have no idea what to do. Any suggestions?

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    Hey Allison,

    I am from Philly also. You can try the co-cure good doctors list


    I've already been to Dr. Katz, and he told me to see a psychologist, so he was not good for me. I've also been going to the FFC, where I am on hiatus right now because of financial matters (I know what you mean about the money). However, at least it's given me a starting point.

    Next I am seeing Dr. Posner, who is the first one on that list I sent. Just lemme know if you wanna know anything else.

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    Thanks for the advice. I am actually gonna call dr. posner tomorrow to see if they could see me say friday or monday. The pain is driving me crazy!! But if not i will stick with jefferson doctors ( dr. derk), i 've had great luck with jeff doctors so far! Do you belong to any support groups in the area? It has been hard for me so far, but i also think that talking to people on the board makes things better and sometimes worse.

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    I am 27 and feel your pain. I have CFS and saw 22 drs. last year along. I know what you mean with the bills-I spent so much money on tests that my hubby and I are now back at home living with my parents and paying the FFC with our credit card.

    WHo diagnosed you with FM? There is a great rheumy I saw at Penn at Radnor. Her name is Prethia Thomas I believe. Let me know if you can't find her under the Penn system. She diagnosed me with CFS and then A cardiologist at riddle told me as well.

    I also saw 4 infectious diseases drs. One I switched over to as my general-he is at Taylor-Dr. Darnall. I saw Dr. Nelson at Crozer. He was good;; very thorough. Dr. Chan was the one that did the most bloodwork at Paoli. He told me my EBV levels were normal though and when the FFC saw them they thought he was crazy. But I can't blame him I mean some dr.s just don't believe in EBV reactivation.

    As you can see I made my rounds through the hospitals. No Dr. ever mentioned CFS a lot did not believe in it. I believe FM is not as stigmitized as CFS. FM seems to be a "real" condition for most traditional Drs. so you should have better luck then me.

    Friday is my 1 yr. anniversary being sick and it took 8 months beofre a the rheumy and card. diagnosed me. Now they were not much help for me though in how to get better but I did find the FFC through the cardiologist.

    I suffer from fatigue, sleep problems but Lunesta seems to help now and recurrent fevers and flu-like symptoms.
    I live outside of Philly, near Media. Where do you live?
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    I live by the art musuem, and have been staying with my parents until i can get on my feet again. I am preparing myself for the rheumatologist. I actually saw a cardiologist after i went to the er 2 weeks ago, and they thought that i had pericarditis, and pulmonary hypertension. The cardiologist found that my heart was normal, and no other problems. It's a pain i tell you, not knowing what is going on.My primary care physician did the 11 point trigger test on my body and then diagnosised me with fm, after she tested me for mono as well. I am awaiting my bloodwork for lupus, lyme, hepatitis, mono and 3 other tests. If the rheumy suggests the ffc, then i guess credit card here i go!! Thanks for your advice, i will keep you posted!!

  6. ephemera

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    I'm not so positive on Dr. Thomas. I don't think she really wants to see FM/CFS patients.

    Just my opinion from my experiences.

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