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    You're the first person I've met that's gone to the FFC with just CFS.

    Did any of your tests come out positive. So far I've been negative for everything, but I'm still waiting for CLymedia pnuemonia and candida.

    How long have you been going, do you feel better? I go to the Cleveland FFC.
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    I tested positve for EBV-like reactivated infection but my early detection was negative supposedly that doesn't matter though. I just started Valtrex. I also tested positive for Candidais. I am going to do the treatment protocal but it is my understanding almost everyone with CFS is positive for this. I get this white coating on my tongue in the morning so something is going on. I just got the rest fo the infection panel done two weeks ago. I get results next week. I have been going for a month and a hald. I have felt better sicne i started going. I think having someone that is in my corner has made the biggest difference. Today is not a good day-I am so tired but yesterday was amazing. So I willt ake the good with the bad. What is your CFS like? I started with Cfs following my 27th b-day last Feb. I came down with a flu that never went away and then after about two months the fevers began to cycle. Now for the past 6 months I feel like I get the flu(chills, fever, aches) once a month that lasts for 10 days then I slowly recover from it only to get sick again. My fatigue comes and goes. I work part-time-self-employed but I had to drop out of grad school and close my other business.Stress definitely played a mjaor role in me developing the illness. I have hope though one of my mom's friends recovered on her own with in 5 yrs. But, I don't want to wait that long so I rather be aggressive.

    If you have any questions or just want to chat-e-mail me at mjp@thebluebride.com.

    I have read three great books-Dr. T's. Fatigued to Fantastic-awesome reference. I probably would not understand anything at the center if I didn't read the book. Also, I read recovering from CFS by William Coolinge, and The Drs. Guide to CFS (a little out dated but still very good).

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