japanese knotweed/resvertrol

Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by jess, Feb 19, 2008.

  1. jess

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    Hi all, I was wondering is anyone on Buhner protocol taking this. I added it to cats claw and felt awful. I only took 1/4 of a tablet from Source Naturals. It gave me severe insomnia and a wired feeling that was not pleasant. I'm ok with the cats claw and have been on it for one month(low dose). Just wondering if anyone had similar affect from the knotweed. Thanks, Jess
  2. wld285

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    I have ordered some but haven't gotten it yet. I am a little leary also because I had a reaction to grapeseed, although I do drink red wine now and then. My face and neck turned beet red and felt like I had a fever, even though I didn't. I will take this one slowly.

  3. jess

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    Hi Linda and thanks for your reply. You reminded me that I have a problem with grapeseed also. I get feelings of intense heat from it. I realized that resveratrol is kind of related to grapeseed in some way. That might explain my reaction. Hope you do well with it, Jess
  4. highcotton

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    the resveratrol from source naturals makes me feel better -- but the cats claw and andrographis make me feel woozy and sedated.

    I am so woozy from the cats claw that if i don't get over it in a few more days, i may have to cut it out completely.

    go figure.
  5. tansy

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    i had to stop taking it prior to surgery and for a while afterwards and really noticed a difference. once i got established on the knotweed i added andrographis.

    due to side effects and chosing to reduce often overwhelming die off i stopped taking cats claw or samento. things improverd after that.

    jess i had the the opposite effects, cats claw/samento made me wired and the insomnia became so bad again even the max dose of my sleep med did nothing. i have been sleeping better since taking knotweed and avoiding cats claw and samento.

    it was reading buhner's book that i chose to use his core protocol; both resveratrol and andrographis seemed good choices given their many actions including anti inflammatory and immune modulating.

    tc, tansy