Jarrow Dophilus the Magic Bullet for Candida?

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by biblical1234, Feb 12, 2010.

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    Candida seems to be a complex "animal" so I am not sure that the same thing works for everyone. But after changing my diet and trying many supplement regimens, it appears that a Jarrow Dophilus first thing in the morning and another one last thing at night has drastically improved my dandruff, which seems to be the tip of the candida iceberg for me. I had been taking chewable acidophilus before meals and following up with chewable enzymes. Add to that, I was talking Ultra Zyme once a day and NOTHING seems to adequately populate my GI tract the way that Jarrow Dophilus does. I will continue this for a while, and if my dandruff does not disappear altogether I will add a third Jarrow Dophilus during the day. With just two a day my improvement has been drastic, so I believe this is the answer for me.

    I should add that I was eating almost NO sugar and I had gotten used to plain-tasting oatmeal, etc. I did eventually add back in some power juices like goji and pomegranate because I did not want the rest of my health to suffer along the way. Even if two or three Jarrow Dophilus a day eradicates my dandruff altogether - which I believe it just might - I do not plan to add back sugar or simple carbs. I am now used to plainer-tasting foods and I try not to go below 2-3 grams of fiber per serving, although 4 or even 5 is preferable.

    I suppose I should be thankful that things came to a "head" (meaning the dandruff - ha!) because it did cause me to overhaul my diet, which was long overdue. I will continue with the positive changes I have made and if my progress continues, that will be the end of the supplement-go-round I was on in trying to address my dandruff. (I had tried burdock, enteric-coated oregano oil, garlic, etc, and some of the combination products that are formulated for candida.)

    I hope Jarrow NEVER stops making this! It is potent and stable and it seems to have finally done the trick for me. Thank You Jesus!