JASON breaking from reality?

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  1. lone-wolf

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    Jason talks crazy at times. It is very upsetting. It is like he is not connected to reality. He thinks he is someone else, sometimes the antichrist. His thought process is all distorted. Sometimes he seems just fine but then others he goes into this 'weird place' What is happening to him? He has had these 'episodes' for about the last ten or so years. If he ends up out on the street I am afraid he will end up in a mental institution. Family has sort of 'protected' Jason..... and they are giving up. He has worked as a painter for my oldest son, been living with my youngest son.... any one else would not have put up with Jason's behavior and kept him working or given him a roof over his head.

    I feel like Jason needs to be rescued from himself.... feel like he is slowly committing suicide trying to escape his pain. Jason has so much creative artistic ability. His art work and poetry are brilliant. It is a God given talent he has exhibited since a toddler! He could share so much with the world.

    I have heard that the enemy fights the hardest when he knows he has the most to loose. When Jason was about six and we had come home from Sunday School he stood in the middle of the street and yelled at the top of his voice for the whole neighborhood to hear... "You Need Jesus and to be Baptized!" One time I had a neighbor would come to me and say, 'you know, your son told my husband that he needed to do this or that so that he can go to heaven' Again, he was only about six. I grieve for this child and so want to help him.

    He needs Gods help, I need God's help.....
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    it is hard to balance our faith in God, and what we need to do while we wait for the manifestation of God healing. I have always been taught that we should walk in faith confessing our healing but continue on our medications etc. until that healing is manifested. I think that is wise, and in no way indiacates that our faith is weak.
    I was married for 13 years to a man who had some mental problems in short he was schizophrenic.He also was not in touch with relality.Simple schizophrenia can start is child hood and progress and is the most misdiagnosed.
    I am not a doctor, and I can't say that this is what is going on with Jason,but if it is then he really does need professional help before he causes harm to himself and inadverently to someone else. I had to have my ex admitted to the mental health facilities, and it did help. I never lacked in faith, as I believed that God was moving in his life and able to heal but in interim, he needed help. I would encourage you to call a mental health hotline, and discuss your concerns, and learn about your options. In the meantime we will continue to pray and believe that God's manifest healing will be seen. I pray that Gods wisdom and peace will be working in you. I feel so badly that you are going through this. I know first hand how hard it is to be going through this. Hugs
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    I am relatively new to this board and also new in the sense that I have just very recently rededicated myself to the Lord. But I have read your post and I feel your desperation and I can sense the love you have for your son. I just wanted you to know that I will be praying for Jason and for you also. Like my sister Debbie said, don't give up.. There is power in prayer!
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    I believe its demonic forces at work here also. I will continue praying for Jason and you also. The devil works on the ones he can't have, i believe deep down Jason knows what is in his heart and soul - I agree with Stidham with the prayer cloth also. Do what ever possible at this point. PLEASE keep us updated. My heart breaks for you. I ask the Lord to deliver Jason back to him and to comfort your heart in the process, i ask all of this in his precious name JESUS CHRIST, AMEN

    luv you, mama
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    If my earlier post seemed a little "hard". I did't mean to come across that way. Please forgive me if I seemed a little less than understanding. I really do no how hard this is for you. I think that you should do what you think is best and I know the Holy Spirit will help you make what ever decsions that need to be made.
    I feel really bad, after reading everyone elses posts, but I did write was on my heart. I'm sorry if it came across the wrong way. Forgive Me?
  6. lone-wolf

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    Was Not a problem, please don't give it another thought....

    I very much appreciate your prayers and encouragement.

    Hugs, Karen
  7. Sandyz

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    I`m continuing to pray for you and your soon. I wish I could do more.

    I really agree with Takesha. It does really sound like schizophrena. I have a sister who has it and has never been able to lead a normal life because of it and the epilepsy she has. She never could work and still lives with my parents. She`s very hard to deal with.

    Many homeless people have mental problems like this. I have no doubt also that your son is being attacked by negative forces. Using drugs and alcohol opens us up to them.

    Praying for a miracle for your son,
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  8. Shirl

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    In my prayers, I feel so deeply for you. I have two son's, and have seen my share of heartache with them, but nothing like you are descrbing here.

    Will pray for Jason, and for you to hold up under this terrible attack by the devil himself!

    God's blessings, and my prayers going out to you both.

    Shalom, Shirl