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    I read your post to Sarah with great interest regarding your treatment course.

    You mentioned: " as well as soil based organisms which helped to change my ph balance and greatly improved my digestive symptoms and increased my immunse system big time."

    I would love to hear what organisms you were using to effect these changes, as pH balance, and improved digestive symptoms is something I am working on.

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    I am glad this was of interest.The primary organism I used is available through Natures Biotics on the net.Their soil based organisms are unique and quite different then other probiotics.In doing your research and looking up Natures Biotics there will be slew of info.on what it does to the internal environment starting with the intestines.One can also drink oxygenated or ozonated water with drops added to your water or juice as well as eating primary alkaline foods.Green veggies,some fruits,and little to no meat,grains and dairy until the internal environment Ph is where it should be.You can get Ph stripes through drug stores and some pharmacies which allows you to test your urine and saliva.There is a great deal of info.on the net about alkalizing diets.I can tell you that alkalizing my body and the use of soil based organims was the most imperative and important step for me to get my body healing.Few individuals realize and recognize how crucial this is to getting there FMS/CFS under control.An acid body robs us of energy,causes massive fatigue and disease.In fact more and more Dr.'s today believe an acid body is one of the biggest contibuting factors in arthritis,cancer,diabetes,aging,FM/CFS,Lupus,colitis,IBS and so many others illnesses.I am a firm beliver as I have not only seen it with myself but many others that have FM/CFS can be controlled and beaten.It takes great perserverance,dedication,courage and guts to embark on the healing road.It took me several years due to conflicting info,trial and error.I would have been well a lot sooner if I had taken the steps which took me yrs. to learn.

    If you have any more questions I am happy to be of assistance in any way I can be.Helping others is necessary and extremely beneficial not only to me but to others like yourself who in turn help others.This is how the ball gets rollling.I nor I'm sure you want to waste this he**ish experience for not.As we can attest to there are so many people who are going through this living nightmare.Nothing like walking a mile in someone elses shoes,right?

    Well LL hang in there and stay strong as you can and will beat this dreaded disease.It can be done.Go for it!You can do it.

    Take care,