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    Degenerative discs and fibro are definly related. My specialist started to see a correlation to people she was treating with fibro pain and back and neck problems. In fact, I got my long term disability coverage under her guidance, on an MRI. Took it twice, and she was so convinced there was a problem there, she sent it back tobe re-read. She won = they found it and I got my coverage.

    From what I can see, stress also plays an important part also and they can't be ruled out. Seems surgery also plays a role in some people.

    Your nervous system all joins in the spinal cord up the spine to the head. All your appendages come from the spine = the nerves from your toes right to the tips of your fingers and even up into your face and head, all come from the spinal cord. Disruption to the discs cause pressure on the nerves.

    You feel lilke those nerves are on "fire" and hitting on all cyclinders with pain don't you! They are - and when they go off, it causes spasms. That's when they classify it as a central nervous system disorder, they are correct.

    Spasms are your muscles trying to protect itself - like the body's defences all gathering together into a little "ball" or trigger. They bunch up and cause severe pain where the nerves have "fired off". Release the spasm and you release part of the pain. Calm the pain down in the first place, and you stop the spasm from forming at all!

    Thus, trigger point injections help (rheumatoid arthritic specialist), soft tissue massage helps.

    And, that is also why it is imperative to treat the pain fist, release the muscles with some relaxants, use outside therapies like heat, cold, light massage, stretching, and then let nature do it's course with alot of rest, intermittent light exercise (I only walk) and some really good mindwork - vitally important. This illness may not kill you but depression will.

    I have had some nutritional healing and intend to pursue it a little more.

    With neck and back degeneration, I had to wear both a soft neck brace and I still wear a back brace. They support you when the neck and back are too weak to do so.

    I would like to help you understand in any way you wish. I have alot of experience and have really been through it all.

    Good news - over time, the body does have the inherent ability to heal itself. It depends how long it's been "broken" and how many times it has been re-injured. Some people elect to have surgery and have ruptures fixed. I had to have bed rest and alot of it. A change of lifestyle and lack of stress.

    I think we DO know alot of the causes of this condition. And, there are ways of healing out there. Some positive reinforcement is really good while tending to your needs.

    I think people want a quick fix and don't really see the long term picture in this condition.

    There is enough evidence out there to confirm that a) disruption to the spine and neck cause alot of fibromyalgia and b) stress or surgery (anything which severely disrupts the body's natural flow) will take it's toll over time and cause severe damages.

    Your body's internal system is all related, so when one function is down, the whole body gets affected. If you study the immUne SYSTEM you will learn that it actually affects every subset of the body; hypothalamus, thryoid, etc. etc. etc. Heal one and you will start to heal all.

    Contact me any time on this website. I check it daily. If you want more infor, just ask. Good luck and good health, oh, and Happy Easter!
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