jaw pain, clicking, popping , joint is sticking out on rt side

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  1. kingd2

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    Does any one else have this problem?
    I have always gritted my teeth, and use a night gaurd.
    I have had a problem for a few years with my facial muscles tightening, and causing extreme pain and headaches at times.
    To releive the pressure I would open my mouth and sort of pop the joint.
    The last three days it has been a different kind of pain.On the right side it hurts in general , but chewing and talking is really painful. What most concerns me is when I open my mouth and look in the morror I can actully see where the joint in sticking out like a knob on the side it also clicks when I open my mouth .I have not been injured. Why would this happen. Should I go to a dentist or doctor of some sort?Does anyone else have this?
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    NoFool is correct here, as far as I am aware.

    I have this problem. Sometimes it gets worse, sometimes it gets better.

    I have a very good dentist and have talked about it with him. He thinks that it may have initially happened as a result of a head injury (I fell down and hit my head while ice skating). Even if an injury like this isn't noticed immediately, it can wax and wane as years go on, he said.

    He took a picture of my jaw and then said I should go to see an oral surgeon. My jaw has improved since then and I got distracted, and so I have yet to make it to the specialist. Maybe I will at some point though.

    The thing that may be related to the CFS is that (again according to my superb mainstream dentist) the reason that this becomes more of a problem sometimes than others is because of inflammation. He recommended aspirin.

    Inflammation isn't something that happens for no reason though. It only happens for reasons unknown to the doctors that are treating us.

    I think that it's quite possible that the inflammation in my own jaw is related to bacterial infections associated with CFS (meaning lyme disease or something similar).

    The severity of my TMJ correlates pretty well with other symptoms of this, and there have been a number of reports here and elsewhere of people having very severe TMJ that disappeared after the use of antibiotics or other successful treatment of bacteria.

    So in summary, things you could consider are: a) a visit to the dentist, b) medication (over-the-counter or herbal) medicine to combat inflammation, and c) addressing whatever possible infections might be exacerbating the condition.

    In the meantime, try not to open and close your mouth too much. Popping it makes it get worse, apparently.
  3. kingd2

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    I had my wisdom teeth removed years ago, so i don't think that is the issue.
    I already take asprin for leverdo reticulitis (the lovely purple look on my skin)
    I do believe it must be dislocated.I have been trying not to open my mouth very wide or pop it.

    I guess I will go the the dentist. I am just afraid there will be another surgery to fix it, and I don't think I could stand it.
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    see other posts about this

    I recently learned of JHS, realized I have it and it has connections to other symptoms and possibly to fibro and cfids.

    The articles I have read mention TMJ as part of it I believe.

    I had bad TMJ as a teen when I had braces, the popping sound was loud enough for bystanders to hear, and I wouldn't be able to open my mouth past a certain point, would have to close it and start over.

    The TMJ since went away. Maybe the braces made it worse? Don't know. I know the orthodontist was concerned, and kept questioning me about stress in my life. I kept saying no, I didn't have stress. In retrospect, I had a very stressful childhood, but didn't quite realize the full extent of that yet because it was my normal.

  5. moreinfoplease

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    the jaw bone being partially dislocated nofool.

    I wonder if mine is. When I open my jaw slowly, I feel it move to the side on the right, while it goes straight down on the left.

    So I would think that could be a manifestation of JHS, but am still learning about this, putting all the pieces together.

    I have been reading about an alternative nonsurgical treatment called prolotherapy, one website described it like this (because I am having trouble finding the words, brain fog...):

    "The basic mechanism of Prolotherapy is simple. A substance is injected into the affected ligaments or tendons, which leads to local inflammation. The localized inflammation triggers a wound healing cascade, resulting in the deposition of new collagen, the material that ligaments and tendons are made of. New collagen shrinks as it matures. The shrinking collagen tightens the ligament that was injected and makes it stronger. Prolotherapy has the potential of being 100 percent effective at eliminating and chronic pain due to ligament and tendon weakness, but depends upon the technique of the individual Prolotherapist. The most important aspect is injecting enough of the solution into the injured and weakened area. If this is done, the likelihood of success is excellent."

  6. MsE

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    What you are describing happened to me years ago. Major TMJ. I couldn't even open my mouth normally. My jaw was locked. A local chiropractor was able to get everything back into working order with a couple of adjustments.
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    I am so tired of the lack of use of chiropractors among us!!!!What a wealth of help they are-without drugs or surgery. I have a rod from my neck to my waist-and I have TMJ, arthritus, sciatica, facet-joint pain, hip pain, flat feet, knees with not-enough cartilage, you name it I got it!!!!! My trusty chiropractor helps me with it all!!! I have to drive 30 minutes to see him but so what!
    PLEASE try one before you see a doctor!!!
    Thanks for letting me shout!!!
    Hugs to you all!
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    Thanks for all the advise. I am really reluctant to have anymore injections or surgury for anything else. I am certainly willing to look into less invasive solutions. i am so tierd of injections, surgery and meds that don't work of makr it worse.
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    See my post/thread title "For people concerned about Malabsorption." Also see my post titled "Elisabeth."

    Just look at my profile and the posts should be under there.

    Good luck
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    My jaws were so bad when it came to the cartilage slipping and my bones grinding that I had jaw surgery on Oct. 9, 1996(two days before my birthday) It was pretty successful, but I crashed my car into a tree in summer '97 and undid everything that had been done so I had to have the surgery redone. It worked, but after two surgeries I have a bit of arthritis in my jaws as well so I still get occasional NON-TMJ jaw popping. Good luck to you!

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    I found that massaging the VERY sore and painful trigger points in my jaw muscles helped a lot over time (not so much an immediate fix). Apparently in my case the tight muscles and ligaments were pulling the jaw out of alignment so it would pop and click, and I had terrible headaches. I learned from the Clair Davies trigger point book to put my thumb inside the cheek and massage the knots between thumb and fingers. I also found that heat helped relax those muscles. My tmj problems are now much better than they were a year or so ago.