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  1. catsmeow369mi

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    Does anyone have trouble with jaw pain? It's like my jaw is tensed up all the time. I get migraines all the time & wonder if the jaw thing is part of it. Thanks for your help.
  2. kriket

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    Tempro-mandibular-joint dysfunction. I don't know a lot about it, except your jaw hurts a lot. I am sure there are people here on this board that suffer with it. Maybe they can explain it to you a little better and give you some details on it.

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  3. Mesha

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    Yes, it sounds like TMJ disorder. It is a very painful condition associated with Fibro. It usually comes from clentching and grinding your teeth at night. A mouth guard may be recommended by your dentist. I grind so much my teeth have been wearing down! The mouth guard helps to keep the joint from its over closed position. However, I have bit through more than a few of these. Even the real hard, thick ones. I understand that the ones that are available OTC are soft and may create more problems that they help.
    It does cause headaches.
    Try relaxing you jaw anytime you notice you are tight. Its tough to live with.
    Good luck.