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    Hi i was wondering if any body else have this proublem? When i chew i have to stop evey few chews because my jaw and toungue? get weak and tired like my body. And hear i thought i had heard it all this is rediculeus! How do you tell some one my mouth and tounuge are tired ya right i already get sidways glances when i talk about my illnessess now never mind about this one.Anyway thank you for all your help i hope you all are having pain free days,take care,marieann
  2. Hope4Sofia

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    Yes, I experience that all the time with my jaw (not so much my tongue). Dr says it's because of my TMJ. Advil helps some but I'm always aware of how tuff my food is. I stay away from hard-to-chew foods as much as poss.

  3. angelkisses6

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  4. yes i also have the jaw and tongue problems that you mention.

    id woke up one morning in severe pain in my jaw,and found the reason was that i must have yawned or something, while sleeping.

    anyway my jaw on the right side of my face,had popped out.ive never known pain like it before in my life.i gently eased the jaw back in,but remained in severe pain when trying to eat or talk.

    my doctor wouldnt send me for xrays until i went to my dentist to rule out dental decay.i was told it wasnt due to dental decay,but was due to tearing face muscles near the jaw that had popped out.

    so my dentist told me to try not to talk too much,and mush my food up so i wouldnt be in pain while eating.all this did eventually ease the pain,but i do still have bouts of the severe jaw pain from time to time.

    and happy to say that my jaw hasnt popped out again since that first time,and i think its down to me being more aware of not over doing the talking,chewing thing.

    id imagine that since being told we have fibro,we all must be more careful while using our jaw and tongue,just the same as resting the arm and leg muscles.

    i do notice that i have the tongue swelling too,and some mornings ive woke up with terrible pain on the tongue,ive since found out that the pain was due to the fact that i must have been biting my tongue,while sleeping.

    i do also have bouts of very slurred speech,during the fibro/ME flare ups.and as my hubby tells me...your tongue is a muscle,and you have a muscle swelling illness.id imagine that on those slurred speech days,its because theres hardly any room in my mouth to be able to talk properly with such a swollen tongue.

    kind regards
  5. elliespad

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    I will get very weak in jaw if chewing something particularly tough to chew, like beef jerky, starburst chews, or even gum. Normal eating, chewing is okay, just not the tough stuff. Stiffins up like a piece of stiff taffy. Never had a probem with tongue though.

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