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    Hello board!

    I'm new here, and old to having many diseases...Lupus, FM, CFS, Hep C, Guillam Barre, Hypo Thyroid, Chronic Cystitis, Endometriosis, Depression, Anxiety,...and on and on...I'm not including the misdiagnoses!

    Anyway, I have found info on Jay Goldstein's book "Betrayal by the Brain", and that he quit practice in 2003...that's a shame, because I lived in So Cal at the time, and didn't get help for my problems when I was living in my small town in the Inland Empire.

    Now I am back in the upper midwest(moved back 2 yrs ago), and although it was the right move for my boys who have finally been diagnosed with Autism spectrum, and ADHD at a great resource here, my health is about as bad as it ever has been from all of the stress with the move and the boys special needs.

    I have been searching for an open minded Dr. to try Jay Goldstein's protocol...the only holistic MD that I worked with when I lived here before retired her practice last year.

    Has anyone here tried Dr Jay Goldstein's protocol? I noticed there were some links in the library here and suggestions of supplements that he suggests in the book...I am convinced by reading that small bit, that is what has been going on for me...it strings together most all of my diagnoses.

    Any suggestions would be greatly apprieciated!


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    Thanks for the warm welcome and info...I have been taking Klonipin at night that helps somewhat, along with other meds for sleep and pain...I still wake up quite a bit...I really am convinced that this is an endocrine/neurotransmitter problem!

    While I was in So Cal I worked with an alternative practitioner who had me on Armour thyroid, and Natural progesterone, which helped...I had some good years out there.(also,the weather was better on my body than the cold winters and humid summers of MN) I really got off kilter with the second pregnancy...it was then that I had severe Migraines, and was put on pain killers to deal with it! (my OB thought it was safer to be on an opiate, then to take Nsaids, or asprin during pregnancy) Before that pregnancy, all I took was asprin, and did alternative therapies...in fact, I was OK'd up here in Mpls with my first pregnancy to be on asprin.

    So to make a long story short, my problems were compounded by medicines, that made me more sensitive...on and on it goes. It is quite a mess right now.

    I am really geting frustrated by the medicine route, and think maybe nutriton and supplements may be the way to go...But I'm so tired, and cooking a nutrious meal, or shopping for good produce just seems to be too much right now, energy wise...Do you know what I mean?

    I'm so dog tired dealing with my kids stuff, that I don't have much of the energy pie left over.

    Also, when they fight or squabble, because of what is going on with them, it is such an energy drain...it's like that whole "Gating" thing Jay Goldstein is talking about...I can't process it right, and it all comes at me, and tires me out!!!

    I love my boys, and my husband...but I get so demoralized when I need to retire to the bedroom to get some quiet...I feel like I am not part of the family : (

    Anyone else feel like the world is passing you by...including your family?

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    I will be checking out your threads and posts...I am curious where Hailey's post went, I wanted to refer back to it...It disapeared?

    I am feeling better today...I really can see how ultra sensitive I am to med changes, and how that affects my mental state...I used some 5-HTTP last night with Magnesium, and I slept better...I also pulled out the Flax seed meal I have in the fridge and had a lot of it on my oatmeal this morning.

    I am really going to try to read all of this...I just have a hard time staying focused...my brain is foggy...but today I have hope, and I don't feel so depressed and anxious, Thank God!

  4. wish_to_be_healthy

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    ...By the way...what does BUMP mean?
  5. wish_to_be_healthy

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    I tried to post another message to you...but maybe it is lost in cyberspace...

    I am interested in what you have to say, and I'm going to go back to you posts to see what you have already written about Neurotransmitters.

    What I had written before and lost in cyberspace was that I have become frustrated with taking psych meds...they have really been hard to take, I have become so sensitive to them...I'd like to find a doctor who would follow the protocol in "Betrayal of the Brain", knowing my sensitivity to meds, but working with it.

    I have just started to get going on my health again, I put it on the back burner while I was getting my boys diagnosed and settled back here in MN...I also have other things that I did, like prayer, that I focused on...I should write more about that on the Faith/God/Spirituality board.

    Anyway, I welcome anything you have to say...thanks for posting back,

  6. wish_to_be_healthy

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    I am really reading thru this stuff as I can, and as my brain can take it in...

    I feel grateful for finding this place...Thanks for the info.
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    I also wanted to let you know that when I was in CA, they thought I was bi-polar, and had put me on Lamactal...I responded immediately to the med, but then ended up with the "lamactal" rash...also from Trileptal...

    This is what I was saying about me and meds...I am hyper sensitive to them, and need to take the smallest dose possible to see if I will react.

    They no longer think I have bi-polar...but I think with all of the diagnoses that i have, I just chock it up to the frontal lobes/neurotransmitters aren't working right, and it's like my body is a washer that is running unbalaced...

  8. wish_to_be_healthy

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    I'll check it out : )

  9. Jen102

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    Have you read some of the info possibly linking CFS and autism? Dr. Amy Yasko is the dr doing the work with autistic children. She believes certain genetic polymorphisms in the methylation and other detoxification systems may be the root of autism. The protocols are now being utilized and studied with regard to PWCs. You may wish to google Rich Van Konynenburg. People are early in their treatments. This is cutting edge but holds much hope. Blessings. Jen102
  10. wish_to_be_healthy

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    Thanks Jen...

    I have also heard about ADHD and Autism being related more than not...I also had these symptoms that my boys are dispaying now...Especially the sensory intergration issues!!!

    My little one just graduated from his Autism program just a hour ago...and he is mainstreamed into a regular kindergarten.


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