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    Can anyone give me information on the cost of new Jazzy power chairs? I have come across one being sold here for what I think is a good price but I just want to check. It looks like a pretty up-dated model, was used only 4 months off and on, has a backpack you can use or can remove, has a cup-holder on the left arm rest, if that tells you anything about the model. I don't have the model number yet. The seller is going to throw in a lift they bought also.

    I'm going through trying to get approved for a power chair by my insurance but have been working on it for about 2 months now and still have to have a "seating evaluation" and still don't know if I will be approved. I think I'm just going to buy the chair myself and stop the "approval" with the insurance.

    Thanks and wishing everyone well!
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    After looking at the Jazzy and finding that 4 adults could not pick it up, I would have had to have a lift installed on a vehicle to transport the chair and the lift that came with it would not fit my vehicle, would have had to have a ramp built to get it into my house, I realized that the Jazzy was more of a power chair than I could handle. I have tried out a Shoprider Jiffy, which comes apart and I can take apart and put together in about 5 minutes, so I know I want something I can transport in my own vehicle.

    My insurance is requiring a "seating evaluation" by a physital therapist. The PT is coming to my home today to do the evaluation and a person who sells Invacare, Pride and Sunrise products is coming with him. Does your Invacare come apart? If not, how to you transport it? The salesman that is coming told me he did not have anything comparable to the Shoprider as far as transportability that also has what they call a captain's chair w/headrest, which I also need.

    Thanks for any information you can give me about the chair you have. I'm trying to be as informed as I can be but also know I want to be able to handle the chair myself when I need to.

    Thanks also for replying.

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    I really do appreciate all your input about power chairs. My insurance requires a seating evaluation, which I had by a PT yesterday. He told me not to be disappointed if my insurance denied the chair. He said approval for power chairs is pretty much black and white and because I am not totally dependent on a chair to get around, I fall in the "grey" area of a chair certainly being helpful and convenient but not a necessity.

    I'm goign to try to make this quick because I work from home but am on a schedule with an online transcription company and need to be working in about 15 minutes.

    I can, as probably most of you, get around without a chair, especially around my house but I also know that there are many times that I don't do things that need to be done or I would like to do becasue I don't have the energy so I just curl up on my couch. My PCP and ENT have suggested disability because of the severity of my muscle weakness and fatigue but I would draw only about a third of what I am able to make, I have a son beginning college in August and I support my son and myself. I want to work as long as I can, even if it means working and doing nothing else.

    As far as the larger chairs being more sturdy, the chair the PT brought with him yesterday was the Invacare Pronto and it is a very nice, sturdy chair but I could not handle it as well as a Shoprider xtralite jiffy that I had tried out and been loaned to attend my son's graduation a couple of weeks ago. The jiffy also came apart in 3 pieces so I could handle getting it in my car and putting it back together when I got to graduation with no trouble at all and it was a very comfortable chair.

    I know heavier chairs need lifts, etc. One problem with that is that I have some vision problems, called oscillopsia or jerky vision, where I cannot track things in a busy place like the grocery or when driving so to get anywhere I need to go, I have to have someone take me, usually my parents who are in their mid 70s or my son, who works fulltime during the summer, will be working and going to school in about 2 months. I don't get out often because I do work so much and am so fatigued when I finish my work (but I do feel blessed to be able to work from home, I would not be working if I couldn't), I have accepted the fact that I don't get out just for pleasure much any more, but if I had a "transportable" chair, I would probably try to get out a little more than I do.

    I know my situation is confusing, as are most of our situations, so if you want to ask any questions or have any other comments, please don't hesitate to reply.

    I am considering getting a scooter even if I get approved for a power chair for short trips to the grocery, or pharmacy, etc. I live in a rural area so anywhere I go, I go by vehicle. I don't live in town where I could ride my chair to the grocery, etc.

    Thanks again for you input, more is welcomed....off to work now.

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    For price comparisons and product information is Ebay and craigs list.

    My husband has bought me a power chair from ebay that is like new for far less than half price.
    I thought that was what would work best for me however when we went to the state fair I rented a power scooter and I liked it better.
    My husband found me a very deluxe scooter on craigs list...again for far less than the price of new.

    It might be worth a look.
    good luck
  5. cats2595

    cats2595 New Member

    Thanks for the info...I'll check those out tonight. Any input from anyone is a great help.


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