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    We have talked in the past about MCS...I was wondering if you could help me out with this...It is getting worse and worse..

    I did hair for a living...but have quit doing that (except for family)...and I try really hard to avoid chemicals but still encounter things and I get effected really bad...Like we have a pool and a hot tub...I am bad after being in those...I try to stay out of both..

    The food thing is really bothering me...I feel I react to everything I eat...What do you eat??? I try to buy all organic and still seem to react to some of the fruits and veggies...

    I have just figured out that I was reacting to organic garlic...Not knowing it is high in natural sulfur...THis is all so difficult..I just read too that eggs have natural sulfur and brown eggs are even higher...I had brown eggs today and reacted to them...

    My questions to you would be where do I start with all of this....Is there a good book that you know of that I could buy?? What test should I have done??? and What supplements are best to help with it all??? How do I find a dr. to help with it all...the one I have now is useless...

    I am taking a powder form of Cal./Mag./Pot. right now...that is all it is and you just mix it in water or something...And I have been taking a little threelac...Oh and lately I have been having to take claritin because my itching is out of control...

    Sorry for all of the questions...but I am really having a hard time with all of this and don't know what to do... Now my mouth is raw all the time on top of all the other things on my list that is wrong...

    But I see it change with what I do...I was doing really good and then I did a little painting(I know..bad) and then the next day I cleaned my car all up...inside and out...I know the stuff I used was not good...Buy the time I was done I was not feeling to good at all...I could barely move...Then the next day I had to do a few hair cuts...That just put the topping on it all...I have not been good at all now...And reacting to everything...

    I know the best thing is to avoid it all...But that is hard to do all the time...There has to be something to help lesson the reaction...

    I really appreciate you listening to me..I would love any advice you might have...

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    I'll have to reply tomorrow. I'm wiped out today, just started period.

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    I completely understand....Whenever you are up to it...

    Hope you feel better!
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    Hi Sheryl,

    I'm still wiped, but I'll give you a few tips for now.

    YOu mentioned cleaning w/ stuff you shouldn't have used. You need to have safe products, for everything in your house, including laundry, shampoos.

    And this is very important, when you go out and get all scented up in stores or where people have airfresheners and strong scents (for me this almost anywhere), you need to shower and change when you get home or you will keep reacting if the scents are all over you. Everyday perfumes, in everything these days, are as volotile as cigarette smoke.

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    I am sorry you are still wiped...I hope you get to feeling better soon...

    I have often thought about the shower thing after being out...I always thought I should take a shower after working but always to tired to do it..

    I know I need to use safe products...but I don't know how to tell if they are safe or not...I know the obvious ones to avoid...but I don't know what shampoo to use...I know all of my have sulfate in them...I have bought some non-toxic cleaning stuff...

    I think the sulfites and the strong chemicals are what I am having the most problem with...Everything you eat has sulfites...I'm sure the MSG is a problem too..and probably more..

    We have our own meat...and we cooked hamburger on the grill...all I had on them was salt and pepper and it burned my mouth and lips...I just use canning salt with nothing added...UNLESS...there was something on the grill? I just thought of that..Who knows what was cooked before..Usually my husband burns it off but it was late last night..

    But it seems to be getting really bad...I am swollen all over all the time now (hands and legs and feet are the worse...right side worse that the other)..It use to come and go..The only time I get relief is if I am really cold....I use to be able to control my bloated stomach and my itching and the swelling...But now it seems I react to everything in some way...Now my mouth is raw most of the time too...

    I found a site msgmyth...Have you ever heard of it?? I got the book too...They have a message board but they very seldom respond to your questions...Not like here..So I get a little frustrated...

    I have been trying to read as much as I can but I swear I forget all I read as soon as I'm done...LOL

    Thanks for responding..Please get some rest...
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    i know one person with terrible MCS and it was linked to very bad Candida conditon. could you get tested for what's going on in various body systems? i don't think regular western medicine doctors do such tests. i went to alternative medical group and was tested- found out a lot of systems were down/mal-functioning (thyroid, adrenals, low blood sugar, yeast overgrowth, irritable bowel syndrom, leaky gut, inflammation) i got help from that medical group for a while (intravenous chelation treatments, supplements, diet) but couldn't afford to keep going. But i did find out i had candida, for one thing. i have worked to keep it under control and that has helped me. getting adequate fats (good quality ones) in my diet really helped my extreme skin reactivity. i used to have to run outside when i lived in the Northeast in wintertime, and bring in snow to put all over my skin! good luck- sascha
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    I don't find sulfites hard to avoid at all. but I guess i'm pretty used to avoiding preservatives. It's much harder at first when you are used to eating more packaged and processed foods. I have to be careful w/ crackers, for sulfites, "natural flavours (aka MSG), and hydrogenated oils. Hydrogenates are really unhealthy, and constipate me, I'd rather eat bacon fat.

    there is a difference between sulfites and sulfates though. Do you know you have a specific allergy to sulfates?

    I think your sore mouth is probably due to your toothepaste. I have that allergy too and had to buy healthstore brands for years. Tom's of Maine should be safe (and American), I prefer Nature's Gate, but have to stick to certain flavours. Recently, Crest came out w/ the Whitening Expressions line, and there are some flavours I can use, like Citrus Splash or Cinnamon Rush, the others give me lip blisters. Always trial and error isn't it!

    You poor thing, I'll be happy to walk you thru this as best I can. Chemical sensitivity is the worst hell to adjust too, much worse than FM for me.

    The main key is your hygeine products should mostly be bought at a health store. Your drug store days are almost over. All products need be biodegradable and phosphate free and there's a good chance they are safe then. I'll post safe cleaners later.

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    I don't know if I do have the allergy to the sulfites or not...and I don't know the difference between sulfites and sulfates???

    I know I am allergic to sulfa drugs...Have been since I was little..

    I only use baking soda as my toothpaste and then I rinse with perioxide...Seem to be doing fine with that...

    I am having a hard time staying away from processed foods...Only chips and ice cream...I know 2 of the worst things...I am eating Garden of Eaten blue corn chips without salt and they still make my mouth funny..and then sometimes the natural lays chips....And the ice cream is the Haagen Dass chocolate ...I know those are bad...I just crave it so bad..

    The weird thing about the ice cream is that it does make me feel better as far as headache and pain..Plus it gives me energy...BUT...I itch bad from it..

    I am a hair stylist...I get all of my hair products from my hair supply store...They have lots of chemicals in them..I thought I read somewhere that the sodium sulfates in health and beauty aids are bad...The are in all of my stuff...I don't know which ones to get..I get sore bumps on my head from some hair products..

    I have switched to vanicream soap...and aveno lotion..

    As for cleaning stuff...I have switched to just using vinigar for alot of stuff...and I picked up some stuff called seventh generation I think it's called...Some bleach, window cleaner and dish soap...It seems to be ok..I love the dish soap..No smells at all...

    Laundry stuff I have swithed to all free and clear stuff with no dyes or fragrance...I like that too..I really flip out if my husband uses bleach in his clothes when he does laundry...I really feel like I could bite someones head off..

    Some chemicals really affect my mood...They make me so angry feeling...I hate it...Like cigerette smoke...perfums...bleach...and this stuff I had to get stains out of clothes..zout I think it is called...It's not good..

    I was reading the other night that there are some tests that can be done and some supplements that can ease some of the symptoms...but the best way is to avoid it..I just wish I could find a dr. that would test me for some of these chemicals or the sulfites or whatever...

    I just went to an allergist a few weeks ago...He was suppose to do blood testing and when I got there he just did the skin testing...I was not happy with that...Nothing showed up on my back..They did the injections on my arms and then the basics came up...dust, pollen,cats, dogs..etc... But they can't do the foods on your arms..they don't have a long enough shelf like to keep them around to do it..

    So they just say I'm not allergic to any foods..Well I read somewhere too that the skin testing doesn't usually show up in sensitive people that you should do the blood testing...So I don't know if I should call back and ask them to test for chemical and stuff or just find a new regular dr. to help with that...

    I have read over and over again that there are testing that can be done to help and I am upset that I don't have a dr. that can help me with all of this..I am waiting for my dr. office to make me copies of my medical records and then I am going somewhere else and get another opinion..

    Just like all the metals...they can test for those..

    Can you give me an idea of what you eat??

    Sorry that I am writing you a book...But I know from reading stuff you have wrote on here that you would understand what I am going through...This is really consuming me and I just want to feel better...


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    Thanks for responding..

    I have been trying to do like a candida diet too..But it is so hard to do it all..

    I do take Threelac...I think I might try upping that...

    I will try to get a little more serious with the yeast stuff...and no noone has tested me for that...I have yet to find a good dr.

    Take care!
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    Have you ever had a hair mineral analysis done to check you mineral levels? People who are low on molybdenum can not get rid of sulfites and they build up in the body. You might want to rule this in or out by getting your levels checked. Good luck.
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    Are you sure the baking soda every day isn't causing your mouth to be sore? Haven't you ever heard of getting salt blisters from too much salty food, and baking soda is sodium bicarbonate. Most everyone has had them at some time from too many chips or stuff.

    It might be good to rule out, because if it is what you use to brush your teeth, its a pretty easy solution to a big problem. You could try using the family toothepaste for a bit (if you aren't already allergic). Or get yourself some Tom's of Maine or something at the health store.

    As for using salon products, I'd be so sick I couldn't function if I was. Health store products are fine, as long as the ingredients are natural w/ no artifical fragrance. They are usually biodegradable too. I'm not concerned about he sulfates in them, they don't bother me anyway. it totally beats drugstore or salon products w/ all the chemicals and perfrumes.

    I'm allergic to sulfa drugs too, but don't seem to have problems w/ high sulpher veggies, they seem to be energizing to me. But there is quite a difference in an artifical drug, and the natural sulphur in food. If you know you react to garlic then maybe you are sensitive. But if you have high candida, then your garlic reaction could be die off. I get wicked die off from too much garlic, though I love it.

    The best antifungal I've used lately is coconut oil, or the derivative has always been my favourite too, taht's caprylic acid. I have alot of antifungals I stagger w/, but they were just exhausting me, way before i could get the yeast down enough. but the coconut oil has really brought my resistance up.

    I had to start at only a quarter tsp. though, but am up to a tsp. Now it acts like a painkiller for yeast inf. cramps, helps period cramps too (which are mostly due to yeast for me), and helps the bad back pain (also due to yeast I've learned). Plain yogurt helps this too, but not as good or as handy as coconut oil. I get a pure virgin one by Now, and it tastes and smells divine. I could take a little nip straight from the jar all day if it wasn't for the die off. I practically crave it.

    For those irrestible icecream cravings, you can take chromium. It stabilizes blood sugar and beats carb cravings. You mentioned feeling better, for awhile when you give in to the icecream, but that's probably because you are satisfying the yeast. You could try Rice Dream, its from brown rice milk and has no refined sugar. Lots of flavours and pretty good. Or frozen yogurt.

  15. SherylD

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    Are you feeling better??

    I do think it is the baking soda...I was already wondering that..Then when I eat anything with salt it just burns my mouth and lips...Probably because it is already raw from the baking soda..

    I do have Toms of Maine...I will start using that and see if I do any better...I will also look for more natural hair products and stuff at the health food store..

    So if anything is biodigradable (sp)..Then it should be ok...along with no fragrance???

    I do think I had the yeast under control for a while til I gave into the whole ice cream thing...Now my stomach is bloated all the time...It is terrible..And I have cut back on the Threelac for some reason..I will increase that and see what happens...Oh and try not to eat any ice cream...I am all out right now..So I just won't buy any more..

    I do crave it soooo bad!! I tried Rice Dream and it bothered my stomach..

    I am going to do the NO salt thing for a little while and see what happens...I am really swollen all the time and I think it is just from the salt that I sprinkle on stuff..I don't really get any salt from anything else..other than the baking soda..LOL

    I feel like I don't know what to eat...what stuff to use..I will feel good and then I don't...I know I am really affected by what I eat...but it seems I react to everything so it is so hard to figure out what I can and can't eat...

    What do you do about fruit??? I feel like all I can eat is apples..and even some of those I feel weird when I eat them..I know alot of people say eat raw of fresh fruit and veggies...Well I feel like I react to all of that too...I guess the chemicals on them?? I don't really know..

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    Why do you think raw almonds would bother me?? I love to eat almonds and I went with out them for a while and then ate them one day and they really affected me...

    I was in terrible pain just after 10 min. of eating them...and didn't feel right..Not good at all..

    Sometimes things can be right in front of your face and you can't figure it out...Did you ever feel like that?? Just like if my mouth is like this from the baking soda..duh..

    Having someone else to look at it for you is a lot of help...So thanks for trying to help me..
  17. Jeanne-in-Canada

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    Since you are so sensitive, its not surprising almonds would bother you.

    I can thankfully eat most any nut. I don't care for almonds unless they are the hickory smoked kind. I used to get them from the local health store in bulk, and I loved them, and the flavouring had no nasty preservatives either, but now I live too far out, bummer. For some reason I get a headache from almond milk though, maybe because its concentrated?

    I didn't realize I was allergic to soy for years and I was drinking soy milk all the time because i was so dairy allergic. I was used to being tired, so didn't make the connection until I got a concentrated soy protein to help me gain some weight. I was very wasted back then from severe chronic fatigue and couldn't stop losing weight, if ever I was close to death, it ws then w/ bp at 80/30. The soy protein hit me like valium, adn I finally clued in.

    I know you've asked other questions and I'll get to them eventually when I get my head together. I had to do some shopping, that I knew i shouldn't do and am having a wicked MCS kickback w/ the usual topping of gout in my feet. its so bad tonight, getting worse it seems.

    And I have a terribel yeast infection because I had to take a few days off the af's because they make me so tired and breathless if I take them too long. I'm up to a whole 11 days on them and I'll get this scary asthma-like reaction if I don't back off in time. And that can take days to get rid of, w/ me actually labouring noisily for breath at times. So I don't like to take that ride. This yeast is a real bugger, but believe it or not, I am gaining a bit.

    So that's me today, you know how it is, almost always something. But I'm still in better shape than you I think. Very hopeful though, I have my battle plan.

    Speaking of battle plan, I'm going to have to do THE DIET. The dreaded MEVY antiyeast diet. It works like gangbusters, but its so darn hard that I've only done it once. But the results are like Stormy and her Threelac experience. Maybe we can torture each other, and do the diet together. Its very limited, so it will probably give you a darn good idea of what you are most allergic to, and may give your body a break.

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    Sorry to hear you are having a hard time...I know the feeling..

    I finally got to sleep in today..but sometimes I think I feel worse when I do..

    I am really thinking the salt things is really causing me problems...

    I was tested for nuts and nothing came up...I miss munching..

    So what is this diet you are going to do?? I am all game to do it with you...I think my yeast has gotten out of control!! I was focusing so much on the chemical thing and then eating that ice cream, which I finished off last night and I am not buying any more...So that is gone..

    Just tell me what to eat...and I'll let you know how it's going...

    I am heading out now..I have to go grocery shopping...eating good means going to the store alot...Plus with 2 kids I go through fruit like crazy...

    I will check back with you tonight..

    Hope you feel better..and thanks again
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