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    I wanted to write alone instead of reply. I am so sorry it has been such a crappy weekend for you. I know that even with pain meds flares still hurt. What kind of pain meds are you on? Do they generally help? It is easy for everyone, including me to say that you are going to be ok. But when it comes to the thought of your child everything is so different. I do believe that your baby is healthy and happy and safe with you. I am guessing if was not good your hubby would step in.
    My daughter is 16 and my son is 9. John (my son) said to me yesterday " mommy I miss the way you used to be." I swear I felt my heart literally break. That is a mothers worst fear, not doing right by her children. I really have given alot of thought in the last 24 hrs on how to move forward with my hubby and kids. I have always believed that information is good. I have always been open and honest with them. I just realized this weekend that I haven't said a whole hell of alot to my kids about fibro. All I say is that mommy will be fine, I just have to rest or mommy is hurting right now I can't play.
    Ithink that I need to educate my kids, hubby and me about fibro and how it effects all of us.
    With your family maybe you can do the same. I know there is not much you can say to the baby. But maybe do it with hubby. One idea for you and the baby is make a list of what being a good mom is to you, a realistic one and prioratize it. Now say on that list you have teaching hear about nature and playing outside. Do out side even for 20 min on your good days and maybe get some nature books that you can read to her on bad days when you can not go out.
    As for errands, do you have family around or a best friend? Ask them for help. I know that part is not easy. I struggle with it as well.
    I hope this helps. Please take or leave any ideas I give. I just want to be there for you. And if all you need is for me to just listen (read) your venting then that is ok too. Jenn
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    My "friend" is being a snot. She yelled at me because her pain is worse, or so she thinks. Oh well what can you do.


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