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    I had to write to you, not only since we are neighbors, but since we are also mothers to young children. My sons are 3 and 1. It truly is difficult to care and nuture them in this condition, and I (as you ) feel robbed of the mother-child type of relationship I wanted to have with them. I was just getting over post-partum with my second son when I had the car accident that brought on the FM.

    Another similarity, is I see you used to (and husband still does) work for a school district. My husband works for Pennsbury school district and I get so jealous that he can go to work (and he is jealous I can stay home now).

    I wish you luck with caring/raising your daughter. She'll at least force you into exercising (if you like it or not!)
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    Jeerie, how hard it was for you to come into a wonderful thing like motherhood, something you've probably dreamed of, never expecting what would come with it. Getting adjusted to motherhood is hard in itself, and at least I was lucky to have 2 good years to enjoy my first child. i don't think I've ever had the energy to bond with my second one yet.

    Nink gave great advice, because the sleep deprivation is horrible with a baby. I'm guessing your daughter takes two naps a day.... soon to take a two-hour nap once a day. I hope she sleeps through the night for you. Both my boys were up 2-3 times a night the first year and a half.

    As for things to do, it's tough. i used to hate rainy days, now I love them because it forces us to stay in the house (how pathetic). I try coloring, blowing bubbles (even that gets exhausting and painful on the hand). I didn't have the stamina to even read them a book until I took Cymbalta. The best is when they play with neighboring children, because you don't need to entertain them. I tried joining a play group with a gal across the street, but if i was having a really bad day, forget it! Which is the same risk you are taking joining the Y. We can use the pool at Pennsbury High for free since my husband is employed there. Been wanting to go, but haven't made it yet. I'd love to say it gets easier, but you probably already know it doesn't (for us). It just gets different as the kids age.

    It's so strange, because my mother is 71 and I'm 35, and she can out-do me at anything. I wonder how i will be able to care for her, when she's really old. May have to pass that one onto my kids!

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