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    Just read that your wife (sorry can't remember her name)has not got the energy she needs. The cfs is doing this but there is something you could try. If it isn't too expensive accupuncture works very well at giving energy and also getting rid of the pain of fibro. It is a 6 week protocol 3x a week but the energy I have at the end or even after the first week is worth the expence and the time taken. I am half way through my treatment and I am 150% better than when I started.
    I can walk I don't hurt and I can smile at people. It might be something to check into. Just tell them you need the fibro protocol and if they haven't heard of it don't waste your money.
    take care
    mom lynda
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    Thanks mom Lynda. Sara actually did acupuncture for several months a couple years and it definitely did help. The acupuncturist was a traditional Chinese doctor who was quite familiar with CFS and Fibro. We're blessed that Sara really doesn't have any joint and muscle pain. I wonder if going back might be helfful, though. Is this something you do periodically or something you're trying for the first time?
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    I went through the protocol about 2-3 years ago. It lasted about a year and a half. Being stubborn I didn't go back. But in Dec. I was in so much pain I couldn't hide it from Don and my son so I made a dr. appointment and he said he would send me again. When I went before she was not sure how long the effects would last. Different with each person. I am half way through and will go to the end just to make sure this one lasts longer this time.
    I would definetly try it again if it worked the last time.
    mom lynda