Jelly belly I read your profile, we could of been twins!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Debgene56, Feb 27, 2003.

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    I read one of your post on being to thin before and it got my attention. Looking at your first picture is like looking at myself. Same hair, except mine is wavy, same profile of the face, and yes I feel I look as sick as you thought you did. Even scarier, I haven't had makeup on for over a year so it is even worse.

    What is mycoplasma infection and hypercoagulation? Did they go looking for things like that?

    I was going to post "Dose anyone else look sick", because I know this is supposed to be invisable.

    Look forward to hearing from you. Are the enzmes you talk about something you chew or swallow? Hugs, Deb