Jelly-great idea-thanks! Also anyone? c-reactive proteins

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    Jellybelly - thank you for your work on all our behalf. I think it is a great idea, and may help us on many levels.

    Question to anyone who knows-I recently had blood work that came back with elevated C-Reactive proteins. Didn't go to the doctor yet - appt. next month and was just wondering what if anything this indicates?

    With appreciation and hugs,
  2. LeLeHpr

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    It indicates inflamation, infection and various other things...Mine was 40 and the norm is 20..LOL Go figure...LOL
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    My C-Reactive Protein was <0.3 and the range said 0.0-0.8 . . . that is way off from 20 and 40 . . . is this a different test or something . . . I don't think the range could be THAT different! Terri
  4. klutzo

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    I was told that anything less than 5 is normal by my conventional M.D. , but in Naturopathy I was taught that the only normal CRP is zero. Recently, I read an article saying that risk increases geometrically as the number goes up, esp. for heart attack. CRP is esp. indicitive of the type of inflammation of blood vessels now believed to be connected with heart disease.
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    is a predictor of arterial blockages and other conditions involved with heart attack and stroke. The inflammation can be caused by many things. Probably all of us on this board have high CRP scores because we are all inflammed. Yes, this puts us at higher overall risk for heart attack, stroke, etc. and we need to be monitored carefully. But the real culprit is what's causing the inflammation, and that is what we need to address most urgently.

    For most of us, the issue is: what are we attacking? If only we knew what was attacking us, we could attack it!

    So we just treat the symptom (inflammation) as we go through test after test after test, looking for the cause.
  6. healing

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    Here's an article from Dr. Gabe Mirkin's newsletter, which just arrived today:


    Doctors now know that it's not just cholesterol that causes heart attacks. Another culprit is inflammation. Women with high levels of C-reactive protein, which measures inflammation, are twice as likely as those with high cholesterol to suffer heart attacks. Those who have high cholesterol and high C-reactive protein are at very high risk.(1) If you have high blood levels of CRP, ask your doctor to look for a hidden infection.

    When a germ gets into your bloodstream, white blood cells release chemicals called cytokines to bring in fluid to carry antibodies to attach to the germs, other white blood cells that gobble up the invader, and so forth. The reaction of redness, swelling, and pain is called inflammation and we now know that it can damage the inner linings of arteries to form plaques.

    Inflammation is good insofar as it helps to protect you from infection, but if you allow the inflammation to continue or you produce inflammation when you don't need it, swelling damages your tissues and you may suffer not only heart attacks but also strokes, cancers, Crohn's disease, psoriasis, different types of arthritis, and even Alzheimer's disease.

    Infection is not the only cause of inflammation. Fat cells also release cytokines, so obesity causes inflammation. Smoking, lingering low-level infections such as chronic gum disease, high blood pressure, and high blood sugar levels are other causes of inflammation that increase your risk for heart attacks.

    One study shows that drinking alcohol helps prevent heart attacks by lowering blood levels of C-reactive protein. (2)

    1) New England Journal of Medicine, Nov 2002
    2) Circulation 2003; 107(3): 443-447
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    As stated this has become a big diagnostic tool in the medical community....but...even tho it's increased value is "linked" to heart attacks, strokes, etc...remember...INFLAMMATION is the "significant" cause of increasing it's value...this past Sept. I had this "cardiac episode"..ended up in the ER...bought a hospital stay cause doc said' definitely something cardiac going on...had treadmill test...flunked it at the end...then had a cardiac cath...and vessels TOTALLY clear...NO HEART PROBLEMS...yet my CRP is off the charts...but 3 months later found out my EBV was also off the the "virus" goes into remission, "if" all other factors are normal (ie disease processes (no diabetes..etc) then as your other titers return to normal , so should the CRP and sed rates....initially when I got ill my cholesterol was high , actually whole lipid panel...have reduced it to normal with diet oil 3x/day, flaxseed oil, B6/12, Folic Acid and vit E., and oatmeal....have any of you been on a B12 inj. regimen by your docs? What type of regimen, and have you found it to work?
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    different ranges; but also there is an older CRP test which is different than the newer ones. I had the old one decades ago.
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    Had a CRP test done three weeks ago. "Twas normal.
    A week later had a heart attack and heart surgery.
    Go figure..........nancyann