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    you know why I start out my messages to you like that dont you? :) I got a kick out of the post your replied to of mine. Heading, Judy, Judy, Judy where have you been. anyways, Hey- Jelly, just wanted to let you know I started elevil lastnight 25mg. I was going to flush the script in the tiolet along with the neuronton and trazadone when I read your post last night about this tiny blue pill giving back your life. 16 years ago this little pill gave me back my life too when dealing with endometrosis pain and depression. It was hard to take the extra pounds, lack of sex drive....but I remember about two weeks after starting my first pill I was singing in the car! Then I was laughing with my little ones! then I cut down on the 800mgs of motrin 5X per day. Thanks for posting about this old drug that has helped millions like alot of other things taking this drug slipped my mind. It also was called amitriptaline so I did not put two and two together. They are one in the same. I will let you know how my HEALING is going.