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    Thanks for the quick answer about the ABX! Did you read my other post back to you the other day about the Amitriptyline (after you said you loved puzzles?) Anyway, I know you've done great on it for a long time . . . I took it for six months and almost felt back to my old, healthy self! Back then I didn't realize what it was doing or what I had & didn't back off a little when it started giving me next morning sedation . . . I stopped completely! What a fool I was (if I'd only known) . . . I tried last fall to go back on it, but now it makes me so hyper I can't sleep (and that is 1 mg.!) I am wondering since I've been off of it for awhile whether I could try it again and maybe something could have changed?? Wishful thinking I believe, but have you ever known anyone else that this happened to and do you have any idea if reactions like that can change back? Thanks!!!! Terri