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    Dear Jellybean,

    Thank you for your response to my question re: Brown vs. Nicholson protocol.

    Yes, the Road Back Foundation is where Dr. Brown's protocol is presented.

    I have been taking 100mg Lederle (brnd name very important) Minocin and it reduced my joint pain alot.

    But I've spoken with several doctors who have told me that every other day dosing will only suppress the mycoplasma, and that to eradicate it, you need dosing every day.

    I was also told that if the proper probiotics are taken with the right timing, there should not be a problem with becoming a gut cripple due to long term use of antibiotics.

    I took Cipro for 4 months last year and my joint pain practically vaished. So I've decided to go back on to it, with the consultation of two doctors.

    I'm sorry that you had a bad experience with antibiotics. I hope that the gentler approach of Dr. Brown's protocol together with other immmune boosing protocols will return you to good health.