Jellybelly, etc. : Antibiotic doses in Mycoplasma study

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    I had a great article to post here, but my computer just messed up when I started to paste it in (again).
    The article was by Paul Chappa, CLS and Aristo Vojdani, Phd. and was pub. at the cfs research org site. Or, you can find it like I did, by doing a websearch on Google for mycoplasma + Cipro.

    The important piece of info for me in this article, was that after using PCR and several other methods to ascertain infection by mycoplasmas, they used doxy or Cipro at low doses tp treat it and the correct doses are mentioned. They did find a much higher percentage of CFS/FMS/GWI patients who had mycoplasmas, compared to normals, but by no means a large majority. They also mention the high rate of mycoplasma infection in HIV patients.
    All those infected who were treated with Cipro acheived "a significant improvement" after 4 weeks of treatment at 500 mgs. per day.. ...

    Thi is significant for me in that I have already taken Cipro at 500 mgs. per day for about 11 weeks. It was for a misdiagnosis of what later turned out to be vulvar vestibulitis. The point though, is that I had the exact drug they used at the exact same dose, for even longer than needed for results, but I had no improvement in my FMS symptoms and no Herx.

    So, it looks like I've already tried this out without knowing it! Once again proving there are many paths to this illness. This is an interesting article if you can find it, and I'm sorry I was unable to get it to paste into here for you.

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    Yes, not everyone with our illnesses has a chronic mycoplasma infection, but in Nicolson's tests, it turned out to be between 60 and 70 percent.

    I don't know about the other drugs, but for the Doxy, the dose is 200-300 mgs. a day. I have been taking 200 mgs of the Doxy for about a year now. Mid Jan. if all else is well, I will try, once again, to cycle off the Doxy to see what happens. I'm not overly optimistic as I have been sick for 12 years and most people sick that long take at least 1 1/2 years on the antibiotics.

    I'm sorry the Cipro didn't help you. When I took it, I got very sick and thought I was allergic to it, but after talking with Jelly, figure it may have been a Herx from hell, just don't know for sure.

    Love, Mikie