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    hi jellybelly- this might be premature, but I think I found a doc who can help me. he said he has heard of dr. berg and believes the test can be done. he's also the dr. who does some other tests I was interested in as a preliminary matter of course. Im making an appt next week. I will make a post to tell everyone what comes of it and all that. whew. its not even so much that he knows about the ISAc that makes me happy, its that he's not opposed to learning more things, and that he's not in the dark ages about this crap.

    on a side note, I am still on the OLE @ 18% oleuropein, keeping my sinus' at bay, keeping my skin clearer and lifting my mood.
    melatonin at night put me to sleep faster and made me feel better when I woke up- taking a break though, since my hair is falling out in large quantities and need to see if its related.
    well, hope to post soon with more good news,
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    Don't want to bud in here, but I wanted to make sure that you know that it is reported that mixing OLE with heparin (or any blood thinners) is highly contraindicated..since that balance is so important in the blood stream, it is highly important not to mix the of the reasons, I am just not considering Heparin, right now, as I want to take OLE since it has been so good for me..

    I read your brother has a degree in Industrial Design..he had to work his b**t off during school..keeping long hours..did you? I was in Visual Design, for awhile, too, and long, continous hours were required...

    Hope you are doing great (as much as can be realistic),
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    thanks for the news, and you are not budding in! I need to know these things. I don't know if I have the hypercoagulation problem yet- hope to be tested soon, but if I do, I will not mix the two!

    and your right! industrial design required some long hours. as does all the art majors really. I felt like the english majors had it easy! it was great though, learned alot. now I am all about solving my cfs problem as much as possible. Im so glad I've read you and pat palmer's posts about ole, (it has made such a difference for me) thank you!