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    Hi! I have a question. You posted this from the book Fatigued to Fantastic:
    "He seems to be fairly certain that CFS and FM ARE the SAME illness, just different places in the progression of the illness. From what I got, FM is the more final phase. This is really what I have been suspecting, since watching the progression of this DD in my children. Both went through the phase of getting chronically sick with swollen glands, my daugher then has moved on to rarely getting sick anymore, just having the constant flu like symptoms that never really turn into anything, like FM."
    I just had to comment because I used to get sick with a cold or flu-one after the other. The other day I was actually thinking about how I haven't had a cold or flu for quite a while. First I thought this was good but then I thought about how I feel worse now all the time. And I thought maybe this isn't a good thing-like my body is not trying to fight the viruses anymore :-(
    I have been trying to figure if I have FM or SFIDS why it matters I don't know...guess I just want a DX!
    Anyway is this why people and you are talking about hypercoagulation *sp???* I haven't been reading those posts much -brain overload- but I did read the symptoms from the book thread- and I don't have those. So is there something else he refers to in treating this FM "stage"?
    I can only come up with the idea of detoxing, big time.
    Thanks for any thoughts,
    I'm just trying to brainstorm here.
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    Anyway it is all slowly seeping into my brain & I've started keeping computer files-as I had so many pieces of paper with info. floating around here!
    I am also keep a running list for my doctor. From what I have read so far on this board and the *library* my doc. my have some idea of what he is doing- and you know what a miracle that can be!
    I totally believe knowledge is power- when I first looked at From Fatigue....I was overwhelmed. I had also been trying to figure out how to cure this thing for so long without much luck I had almost given up.
    I got to the point where I just wanted a doctor who could "drive". But I'm so skeptical about docs. now (having been to so many) that I *still* want to drive! And this board is giving me the resources to do so.
    Anyway I appreciate you getting my a bit more up to speed, and pointing the direction as so many of you are kind enough to do.