Jellybelly - hypocoagulation symptom?

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    I'm getting ready to leave for the dr. so I won't get your answer in time but I'm curious. I've been reading up on hypercoagulation - printed out some stuff to show dr. - and I definately qualify as to the cold hands, feet, nose, butt and Reynaud's in hands. I have mottled skin (feet & legs) and have for years. Push on my feet and they turn white. Always blamed this on smoking but I've been cold in extremeties before started smoking.

    The one symptom I question is not mentioned anywhere I can find. I haven't cut myself in a long time (thank goodness - I faint) However, I have lots of little skin breaks from cat and dog claws. I pick at scabs constantly (always have) and when I do I get one of two results. Either a thick ball of blood forms, then dries into a scab, or a stream of blood *very slowly* makes it's way down my arm or leg.

    On the other hand, I have high blood pressure.

    What is a normal fibrinogen level? I don't expect my dr. to know (smile).