Jellybelly-need answers before seeing dr. tomorrow

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jadibeler, Aug 26, 2003.

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    I have a dr.'s appt. tomorrow (bp checkup) and I'd like to get some blood tests. I assume the fibrin check is a blood test? What is fibrin, what problems does it cause?

    Also, what is RNase L? This site has been so beneficial to me but it's like going back to school! I can only absorb, let alone try, a few things at a time. But I was just getting ready to start researching enzymes, so your post on them is great.

    What other tests should I ask for at the Dr. How is clamydia tested for (won't do pelvic exam with him). How are mycoplasms tested for? I'm pretty sure I have both of these problems. How is adrenal fatigue tested for? If it's caused by stress, then I have it!!! Anything that is a blood test I'd like to get taken care of tomorrow.


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    JoAnn - wanted to wish you good luck at the doctor. I supposed to have one on Friday that I'm debating upon. Please let me know if you find that there is, in fact, a blood test to determine mycoplasms. Sure would appreciateit. Feel better soon......Member..Pat
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    I hope you see this in time.
    You can ask also for a fibrinogen blood level alongwith the PTT. This is a pretty good indication of whether you need to pursue the hypercoag route. For example, my PTT was very good, but my fibrinogen is a bit too high, so the test is being repeated.
    If this is a conventional doc you are seeing, ask for a fasting 8 am blood cortisol level. If he's holistic, ask for an ASI test (Adrenal Stress Index)which is even more accurate. Having both done is even better.
    If you can't get to a place where they do PCR testing, you could do it the cheap way like I did, by challenging myself with large doses of Olive Leaf Extract (OLE). OLE will kill just about anything, and recent studies have shown it even more effective than tetracycline antibiotics. If you have mycoplasmas, yeasts, etc. in large amts. you should have a Herxheimer reaction from the OLE (get even sicker) and that would mean you do have some kind of "bug" problem. You can then come back here and put "Pat Palmer" into the "Message Search" to get info on dosing of OLE.
    Good luck at your appt.
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    I was afraid these were tests that wouldn't be available at my dr's office. No, he is not holistic and from the "treatment" he's given me, he hasn't a clue about FM. Like all the others, he just refilled what I told him I was already taking and didn't recognize all my complaints as being part of FM. One of his employees came to ME because she feared she had FM and when I said "Well, ask your boss!", she made a "You've got to be kidding" face. I notice she's no longer there but I'm going to ask after her when I go tomorrow.

    I posted a request for a holistic doctor on our local general message board. I got referral for a local woman and then she answered on the board and I e-mailed her. That was 3 days ago and I haven't heard from her. I did find a great health food store proprietor just today who really knows her stuff. Learned a lot just talking to her for 45 minutes, then came home to find Jelly's post on enzymes, which is mainly what we talked about.

    I also got a response from a theraputic message therapist who also sells enzyme products - can't remember the name right now but I'll look it up and see if anyone here uses them. All this enzyme info popping up within 2 days - could somebody be trying to tell me something?

    I'll let you know how it goes.

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    Try calling Hemex Labs in AZ (800-999-CLOT). Someone there may be able to give the names of doctors in your state who have ordered the ISAC test. It just makes sense to try to hook up with someone who is already interested in this avenue of inquiry. If your doctor is interested in learning more, a consult with a more experienced practitioner may be helpful.