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    First thanks for all you contribute to this board...

    And I whole-heartedly agree that our circulatory system is not only affected by hypercoagulation...but vasospasms...

    Thick blood with narrowed vessels .. I can see why we have circulation problems......

    I can see the veins in my hands and feet, they are SO constricted that you probably couldn't thread a strand of hair in them. I have always been a "difficult stick" as far as drawing blood. And when they finally hit the drips out. It took 15 minutes to fill 3 tubes.

    I would like to be tested for hypercoagulation......what tests diagnosis this?....I know you have posted this before , BUT the search engine on this site really suks......and I can't find it. Could you bump it for me? Thanks.. you have vasoconstriction or vasospasms as well? .........Thanks DJ
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    Yes I do have Raynauds...... I know if I can find ways to improve my circulation...I will feel better.

    Thanks for the info.....DJ
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    Is that the same thing? They did two types of tests, a PT and a PTT, and both were normal, leaning toward taking too long to coagulate. This may be beause I take vitamin E and Chondroitin.
    I do have vasospasms however,as determined by a transcranial doeppler ultrasound, and they are cold sensitive. I have to keep my chest and neck covered any time the temp is below 50, or I get spasms that will put me down on the ground. The Cardiologist said it could kill me, so I wear a down vest, even though I look riduculous in it at that temp!
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    I know PT and PTT are prothrombin and partial prothombin times.....

    I was wondering myself what tests are used.....The site Jelly directed me to uses the ISAC panel....ISAC panel of five tests, including, Fibrinogen, Prothrombin Fragment 1+2, Thrombin/ AntiThrombin Complexes, Soluble Fibrin Monomer, and Platelet Activation by flow cytometry.

    Whatever all that means.....still investigating all this..correct me if I'm wrong Jelly........ DJ
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    There simply is no substitute for the ISAC Panel at HEMEX Labs. Dave Berg will answer any questions your doctor may have. I know, because I had a ton when I started doing this test on my own patients. Good thing I did, though, because, after several months of denial I realized that I too had CFS (and probably FM as well, though I'm a stickler for diagnosis; my doctor quit torturing me when the first 5 or 6 trigger points he tested were positive.) I was so excited about this disease model that I could hardly stand it; nearly 20 years in practice and this was the first time in my many years of treating CFS patients that SOMETHING MADE SENSE.