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    Jelly I dont ever answer your polls because I cannot see the point. I can only speak for myself but before meds, after meds or any other variable you would ask my answer would be different from one day to the other. Now is you ask me about the idiopathic nature of my well being I can answer that with a 10.
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    I, myself am expecting a great revelation out of you! I appreciate all the research you do and post for those of us that slack in the research dept. I have to admit since I found this board most of my reaserch I do from here & my cfids chronicle which comes out 4x a year. Just want to let you know I read, reply when applicable, and appreciate all of your posts (& polls for that matter). AMY
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    IMO you do some people a great sevice. there are some who my not have energy, or are in somuch pain making it hard to search. me personal i like to read your posts. thank you for supporting us in our search for awnsers.

    Best Wishes

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    I love your polls/research! It is interesting to see how much we have in common and who knows, maybe someday someone can put this all together and get to the bottom of this dd.