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    +OK I have these ?s on mycoplasma,they are bacically a bug of sorts. Do you feel it is your problem with FMS and or CFS or is it causeing both. You said your whole family is sick, I gather you think these Mcyos are the problem? I have the newest publication on FMS and all it has is a short paragraph on the mycos and it says there may be a conection.OK this being said I think that MY FMS has no connetion to the mycos. Do you think (are you saying) that some FMS can be a bug of sorts and passed from person to person. Like I told you before there are alot of people who think that we are being exposed to airbourn bugs through contrails and if so would these mycoplasmas be part of this. My worst fear is that the terrorist or the Chineese will release somekind of whatever into the jetstream,as you know it flows West to East across the US The reason I know my FMS is not a bug is because when I took the combo of Elivil and Paxil my fog,fatiuge an memory improved markidly, these drugs work on the CNS. thanks for reading this I enjoy reading your posts and replys. I saw your new photo, BUT as they say you look so good are you sure you are sick? LOL.
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    OK..I mam 51..and yes..all "old" menopausal girls..get a wonderful spare tired at the middle..or most of us do. BUT..I have gained in the last 6 mo over 40 pounds. It all went to my middle..and some on thighs. I am told by all article read on this on the web..make sure thyroid chkd..done.. on meds..still cont the prob with esces pain due to this big lob over my jeans. YES..carbs crave has to be handled or I am bitchie. I try so hard not to have any carbs..and even whenI I go on a removes nothing. I know part of our problem. I am on Thyroid covers my blood problem making the thyroid at normal readings.....but acc to articel..esp by Dr Devin Staryanl and Dr Teitlbaum...the Dr should treat the pts symtoms.and not worry about the levels in lab results. I am an urse..and that could scare me too by neglecting normal levels and starting a thyroid crisis. BUT..this overhang literally HURTS my thoracic spine and makes it impossible to "suck it in..because it is a big old gob..andf goes no where but out and over...I have been an average wt most of my life.. 5'8" and wt of 135 50 192....I hate this, you know its bad enough to have to have pain and depression 24/7..but why must we be forced to endure an ugly body too..and not beable to find some companion to hsare life with. I buy no new clothes..its a waste..and they look like "fluffy lady clothes" and age 89 clothes..and i REFUSE to be that age just yet. My bobs also hang to the wasit..that part I plan to remove in summer....but no one seems to think that a suction lipectony or chgs like gastricd bypass..are nothing but plastic. My reason is purely.pain.............only the looks. I just want to be able to not have overhang and be able to breathe in my jeans. I am from Iowa..good ol' conservative HMO plans, althought I am on medicare and 2ndary ins. ny one who knows of anything..i have tried all the supplements, diets and excercise ther is...try to walk 3-4 days a week for 45 min. Aeas appreciated..please email me directly at out in subj line...spare tire.and I wil.l know if is for! Thanks to all for helping..i hope!
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