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    I have a couple of questions maybe you can answer for me, if you have time.

    I am going to new pcp on thursday. I want the DNA/PCR test, because of your posts. I think I read that can test for lyme also. I tried to look up how to find a lab in Massachusetts to have it done. No luck. Can you advise me please. I had a bullseye rash last september, several months before I had a tick tested, it was a deer tick. I don't want to overwhelm my new doc, but I am so confused as to what to ask for. Also, I live nearby to the University of Massachusettes Medical school, do you think a major school like that might be alright?

    Hope your feeling better, and the family too!
    Love, Deb

    P.S. Last week, I had a tooth pulled and it wouldn't bleed, Dentist had to manhandle it to make it bleed, is that a sign of hypercoagulation?
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