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    Hi there,
    In an article Madwolf posted on "how to talk to your doctor" (great article btw) the author suggested this book: Berner MS, Rotenberg GN: Canadian Medical Assoc. new guid to perscription drugs and over the counter drugs. The readers digest assoc. (Canada) Ltd., Montreal 1996.
    The author wrote "This is the best drug book I have seen. It's much more than just drug listings."
    Let me know if decide to get it and like it. I am thinking of getting it and will let you know the same.
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    Shalom, Shirl
  3. Jen F

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    Really appreciate you looking out for me.

    I was right by an Indigo's today, but was too exhausted to go in and look for a book.

    It's such a huge store that it takes time to find anything and I was too exhausted, too bad...

    But, I am glad to know there is a Cdn book, since we dont' have all the same drugs as US.

    If I have the energy next time I am near a bookstore I will look for it.