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    HI Jen,
    I noticed in your earlier posts that you used melatonin sublingul. I think you mentioned that using a small dosage will help someone fall back asleep if they wake up early.
    Well I bought some and the dosage is 2.5 . I'm not sure what you meant by a small dosage. Could you tell me please?
  2. Jen F

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    The kind I currently have [which a friend of mine picked up over the border in your fine country] is Now brand and is 3 mg lozenges.

    I bite off about 1/4 of the little round pill. It is soft, so it crumbles easily. I put the rest of the pill and/or crumbs in a tissue beside my bed for another day.

    I find for me, 1/8- 1/2 of the pill works best, but it's not an exact science. Only some of us, I think, respond better to the really small dose as opposed to full pill.

    I would suggest you try 1/2 pill and if still not asleep after an hour, try a little more. You are talking about a sublingual form, right? I don't know if it works with regular gelatin capsule.

    And remember not to expose yourself to light or I'm told the melatonin breaks down quickly. If it is bright outside, and therefore light passes through my blinds, I put my comfy eye mask on, and the subl melatonin frequently helps me get another couple hours sleep.

    Good luck ziggy girl!
  3. zggygirl

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    Yes I bought the sublingual kind. And I remembered that you said it broke down in light so I put beach towels up over my curtains (G)
    I am getting about 5 or 6 hours poor sleep so I thought I would try this when I wake up from that!
    Thanks for the quick response.
  4. Jen F

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    Hey, I like the sound of that...

    "Well, when I was on the Pro Health Board..." said in snooty voice. lol! sounds like something the wealthy people I used to work around/with might say about the various Board of Directors they were members of.

    Let me/us know if it works for you.

    OH, the quest for the best sleep...

    While I was working and having terrible insomnia, I used a Shakespeare quote for my screen saver: To sleep, perchance to dream [?], etc. can't remember the rest now - something about sore labor's balm?
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    Ahem! I'm trying to talk here!!!!
    Heh heh I got your pro Health Board thing.
    Anyway, yes. Sleep. last night I took 5 mg ambian along with 300 neurontin, .5 klonipin and woke up 4 hours later.
    Racing brain clicked in so I gave up and got up.
    I wanted to be fair to the Melotonin. I don't expect it to do Miracles!
    So tomorrow morning if I have a fair chance of nodding off again while the birds are getting up I will try it!
    Does it ever help taking it when we are supposed to? (G) At bedtime I mean?
    PS where did you get your oh so comfy eye mask??? I am picky!
    PSS you asked about socks in relation to feet circulation.
    I use the brand "Smart Wool" socks. They cost but last years, are warm, do not itch,and wick to a degree.
    Also some people swear by Compression socks. I don't know enough about them but they are out there.
    I need to find some nic slippers as that is all I can wear at this point!
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  6. Jen F

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    Some others may be able to give you more info on that. I forget mostly, was years ago I tried regular melatonin capsules.

    I found that it gives me "squinces" [term me and my FM buddy came up with for the little electric shock moving across the brain we both experienced on this and one or two other medications.] Maybe I just couldn't find the right balance.

    Wait a minute, maybe it was the tryptan that gave me the squinces. Or maybe it was both.


    "PS where did you get your oh so comfy eye mask??? I am picky!"

    Wish I could tell you where to buy. If I find out, will let you know. bought it a long time ago at a meditation retreat near Seattle. it is bright purple on the outside, and inside has padding and a comfortable black material.

    Thanks for letting me know about hte Smart wool socks. I wonder if I have a pair of those already...But, will keep the name in mind for the future. Have you ever tried Sealskin waterproof socks? I am thinking of those for next winter, about $30 per pair.