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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jenbooks13, Aug 21, 2009.

  1. jenbooks13

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    I have been thinking about how to fix a space so mold/bacterial spores/vocs are sealed off. This is a space that doesn't have an obvious serious infestation of material that has to be removed, but rather, generalized issues as a prewar in NY. If you have damaged material--dry rot, crawl spaces, stachy behind wallpaper, mold in HVAC ducts, it has to be remediated first.

    Having remediated major problems, or living with moderate ongoing problems, what can you do to make a space clean?

    I remember reading the story of a woman with severe MCS who took a new, high-voc home that made her very ill and made it completely safe for herself by sealing all the surfaces, using various techniques, such as AFM sealers etc.

    Considering how tolerable my place becomes with window fans in summer, I will report here over time as I manage the following experiment in the "worst" room of my apartment which is currently sealed off.

    1) Thoroughly clean the room with AFM Super Clean--walls, surfaces, and floor. Wash linens. (I could/should replace mattress but won't worry about it at the moment).

    Caulk up any obvious cracks along floorboards etc.

    Using AFM foil, reflectix, and AFM foil tape, line walls as if with wallpaper. It will look like Mars, but I know MCS people who have done this with unsafe bedrooms and then been fine and able to sleep in them. Vocs are vocs. They can be sealed off.

    Get a good HRV or ERV or some kind of constant air circulation that will keep ventilation high--like the experiment the moldie used on his Dad's porch in the mold home that made him sick. He slept in a tent with a honeywell filter and felt fine, whereas previously could not be in the house or on the porch without getting very sick.

    If this works, you can then use pretty fabric of some kind and tack it onto the wall or the reflectix if you don't like the Startrek feeling.

    Theoretically it really should not be that hard to make a safe room that seals off most or all of vocs coming from wall cavities. The point is to use reflectix or AFM foil--the vocs don't go through metal; and to get very good ventilation in the room after it is sealed. If floors are a problem you can put reflectix on floors too and then rugs over them.

    If you have a serious mold issue and can't move or don't want to sleep in tents etc...that doesn't mean you can't fix your space. Just nobody has thought of doing it this way.
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    Hi JenBooks,

    This is exactly what I am looking for - and am currently looking into. I need to create a mold-free space in a house that may have mold issues (after two extremely expensive remediations).

    This would help me test my hypothesis.

    A pod or tent to sleep in with HEPA filtered air - to start - to see if I respond to it!

    I am very interested in finding a way to permit those of us with ME/CFS/FM test out the mold hypothesis/issue in our homes.

    I don't know if it is possible but I'd like to try...

    God Bless,


  3. jenbooks13

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    I will keep you posted. And please keep us posted on your tent experiment. However if you leave your tent every day and hang out in your house then maybe it will be hard to tell. Perhaps you can create your safe sleeping tent with good air filter, and then when you get up in the morning, spend much of your day outside while the weather is still good. Then you will really get a sense of how you're doing?

    I don't always do everything as quickly as I hope/plan, but I think this is well worth trying. It's really modelled on the MCS approach. The first thing they do is make a safe bedroom. Mold spores do NOT LIKE ventilation. They like it to be damp and still. Ventilation alone makes my apartment really pleasant. Now if I seal off a space with metal insulation or foil as mentioned then ADD ventilation, those bacterial and mold vocs can just stay in the wall cavities or go into somebody else's apartment.

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