jenni4736 Are you ok?????

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by onlythestrong, Jun 5, 2006.

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    I haven't heard from you in a long time,I hope everything is alright.
    How's the new bird working out?
    Well don't want to keep you just wanted to make sure your alright.
    Take care,
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    I am o.k. The baby bird is wonderful. I am going to post a new picture in the profile. He actually LOOKS like a bird now. He already out weighs my sun conure! FATTY!

    I am struggeling a bit with the family thing. My sister has become a problem. She decided to inform my mom that since I am on so much medications...I shouldn't be allowed to keep any kids (including MY OWN!) She has decided that I am short changing them of their childhood.

    My doctors are looking into Lupus right now. I had a positive ANA with a low titre. My Rheumy told me to stay out of the sun.She also said to keep the stress at a minuimum. She will give me more info and more tests later this month.

    SO Saturday we were all supposed to pick a place to go to dinner for my husband, my oldest son, and my neices birthday. Well...I got told where we were going (my neice picked)...not asked or suggested...told.

    For sake of harmony I shut my mouth and went. It was a Rainforest Cafe. The food isn't that good and it is WAY overpriced, and we are broke since I can't work.

    It is inside a mall (a VERY BUSY ONE). I had to walk a mile to get in. There are animals (fake of coarse) inside that yell and make their sounds. Every few minutes there is a "THUNDERSTORM" effect including the light show!!! There are tons of massive fish tanks and movement ALL AROUND IN ANY DIRECTION YOU LOOK!

    HOLLLLYYYY CRAP! Can you say SENSORY OVERLOAD! I took meds before I went, then was having trouble and took more at the table. I didn't respond to a question fast enough, so now I am "DRUGGED OUT".

    My sister and I have never been close but this takes the cake. My mom proceeds to "make it better" by telling me what my sister really meant.

    Only she made it worse...she said my sister meant that my kids were going to miss out on their childhood because I can't watch a ball game, go to Six Flags, or go swimming. I guess they have decided that if I can't do it, my kids can't either....(can you say sun block and umbrella's..DUH!)

    Anyway, there are just ill informed but they won't listen long enough to learn.

    You just can't fix STUPID! That sounds mean but....if you don't have the facts (and a solid diagnosis) it's premature to judge!

    Sorry about the rant !!!!!! I really am o.k. just a bit annoyed.

    HOW ARE YOU SWEETIE? I haven't talked to you in a while! Are you o.k.? I hope so.

    I have been around...lurking....HAHAH! :)

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    bump for only
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    jenni4736 New Member! The Board is moving fast today!

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    Sweety I know just where you are coming from,FIRST off tell you sister to jump in a lake who is she?If she thinks your kids are missing out tell her to take them and pay for them to go and that your body just won't allow alot.
    But as far as your mothering goes I would tell her to mind her d_ _ _ N business,I'm sorry but this makes me SO mad when people can come in and say this and that about ones parenting.Tell your husband to handle this so it doesn't put you in a flare up.
    My big problem is my daughters drinking it's getting out of hand and I know I can't fix it and it's making me nuts (Like I had far to go)
    Anyway you don't need my crap.Please just take care of you and stay strong.
    Glad to hear baby bird is doing so well.
    Keep in touch and I'm here if you need to VENT!LOL
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    The saga continues....

    mom called last night leaving an "apology" on the machine when I didn't answer. My sister called about ten minutes later...what a coincidence.I didn't answer then either.

    I told Matt what they said and my calm,easy going husband got VERY MAD! He said that they don't even have a clue becase they don't come around very much at all. (Even though my mom lives 2 minutes away).

    My sister has got a little bit of money in her pocket and she now thinks she knows better than every one else. Her daughter (who is a sweet and super kid) is only 7. I have two older than her.

    My kids are drugs, great grades (commended on TAKS tests), then don't sneek out or get into trouble except for the typical teenager who thinks she knows everything. My daughter (15) comes to me with her secrets and asks me for advise. I KNOW I have got a good handle on things!!!! Heck, my little one is upset because I can't go to Kindergarten with him in the Fall.

    It is annoying. They have no idea what medicines I am on..or even why...they haven't even asked, yet they know what is best. If they did know and care they wouldn't have put me in that situation Saturday with THAT restraunt of all places! I think that is the part that bothers me.

    I think it is sad...the people that should support and help us seem to be the ones that judge the hardest for so many. Even if I was dead or down flat for husband is INCREDIBLE with our kids so it just really hurt that they would even do this.

    I think that when someone cares they would ask how THEY can help to make it better...not this way. stings sometimes and I am ranting! Thanks for listening are too sweet!


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