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    Hey Girl!

    How are you doing? I'll have to check that book out. Right now I have just started reading a book on Fibromyalgia, it's pretty good but very techinical right now. Some of it is flying right over my head! haha!

    But I'm glad there is so much material out there for me to learn all about FM. I hate not knowing the answers to people's questions about FM. So i want to become a book of knowledge! :)

    How is the weather? Hot as ever? It's pretty warm up here too, we reached a high of 31 celcius up here. I hate the heat. If I'm outside for too long I get heatstroke, which is terrible! But I also hate the cold too, we get down to -40 degrees celcius in the winter time. So I guess I really like mild temperatures... how about you?

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    Sorry I didn't respond earlier. We went today to pick up a new bird for my sons birthday. He got a 3 week old baby Quaker Parrot. The little guy is so small he doesn't have feathers, or even down yet. He only weighs 72 grams.

    I am glad you are reading alot. It really helps. I think it is just about having some feeling of control over the situation, HAHAH! Yeh! What ever works to give us some sort of power or conntrol is a good thing.

    The weather is is HOTTT! Man, it's only May and it is already about 95*F which I think converts to about 35*C.
    I think I like the milder temps. myself. The cold hurts the arthritis. Texas is so far south that we don't get too cold. A usual day is Jan. is around 35* F. I think it's about 1.6* C.

    The heat is tough here. Once the wind stop blowing (late May) the temperature just fly up and stay there. Most people just stay inside when they can until September.

    I don't know if you have looked at my profile but I put my e-amil address on it. If you feel comfortable, feel free to contact me directly through e-mail too! If not, that is o.k., I do understand and I will keep looking for you here on the board.

    How are you feeling?