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    Hello there Jen2angels!
    I was goinng through posts and relaxing and I looked at your profile and noticed that you live really close to me. I am in Kalamazoo, MI vicksburg to be exact! Howdy neighbor!!

    My question is this, what doctors have you seen in Battle Creek or do you go else where for your FM treatment. I am still waiting to see my Rheumy on the 27 of this month to get started on an official diagnosis. I have been waiting for 2 months and I am nervous and scared as H***. My GP diagnosed me with lupus but just a positive ANA level does not mean I have lupus. I learned that from some of the wonderful people on this site.

    I am just rying to find great doctors. My GP I had to kick to the curb after being with him since the day he told my mother she was pregnant with me and that was 40 years ago. He has become careless, heartless, not up to date on recent things in the medical profession and he talked about my personal information with people without my permission. I have found a new doctor that so far I love so we will see how that goes for a GP.

    Any ifo you could give me would be greatly appreciated on my part. Thank you so much for your time and God Bless.

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    Howdy neighbor.

    This is the website of the office that I go to, I see Dr. Shurmur. He is wonderful and has always been very thorough with me and never treated me like I was nuts.

    He doesn't hesitate to order an mri or try a new med if you say that one he has put you on isn't working.

    I would check them out and let me know how it goes:)
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    I will definitely check him out and I will keep you posted. If things do not go well with my Rhuemy and my new GP I am going to make an appintment with yours.

    Keep your fingers crossed for me.....not sure what to expect this is all new to me!

    Thank you again and God Bless!

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