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Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by Mikie, Jul 15, 2004.

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    Curious: how many of us are athiests? 07/14/04 09:18 PM

    I was thinking...chronic pain and exhaustion takes its toll on the psyche...
    I stopped believing in god when I was 13 or 14. I wonder if my non-belief in a greater purpose/afterlife has contributed to my anxiety and subsequently to my many health problems. Being lost and aimless and feeling that everything is pointless is distressing. Does anyone else feel that being an athiest unfortunately means a lifetime of angst and depression?
    Also, are there any former theists who, once they became sick, then became athiests thinking: why would a so-called benevolent being create so much misery?
    Just curious....

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    jenunsa - athiest 07/14/04 11:49 PM

    No I am not an athiest I'm a Christian.

    Yes I use to wonder why God was angry with me and didn't help. I couldn't imagine what I had done so bad to deserve this pain. I've matured now and accept this is my life and somehow it will show it's purpose for me.

    Don't get me wrong I still get angry at times but then just pray to be more like Job.

    God is my comfort and strength, if it wasn't for my belief in a higher power I'm not sure how I could make myself keep going.

    Take care.



    Hi 07/15/04 12:02 AM

    I think our belief in God (any religion) comes from a deep place in ourselves. I myself have always believed in God, (raised a Babtist).

    I feel my "belief" or faith, has carried me through many tough times and I strongly believe in the power of prayer. I do not blame God for the evil in this world.

    I know many may not agree with me, but yes I do think not having a belief in God can make it difficult.

    It would be interesting for you to ask your questions of a minister, priest, pastor etc, for their answer.

    My husband is from a culture where his belief growing up was the Shinto religion. (Japan) He was not a Christian. Eventually when he reached adulthood, he somehow he was exposed to the Methodist church in Japan. He wanted to find out what it was all about. He does believe there is something higher than us. Even science cannot prove the "non existence" of God.

    I am asking my husband about this right now and he is now rambling, lol. I find it interesting to read about all religions. When you stop to think about the miracle of our existence, it is hard not to believe in a higher power than ourselves.

    I would guess if any athiests respond to your post, they would be very unlikely to admit anything is missing in their life.



    I am a Christian... 07/15/04 12:24 AM

    I have believed in God all my life and wouldn't want it any other way! I became a born-again Christian when I was 13 years old and without my faith, I would not have made it this far.

    I don't understand why God has allowed me to become sick and disabled, but He has a reason and purpose for my life and when it's time, I'll understand. That doesn't mean I don't get angry at Him, but I have to let that anger go because God is the ONLY one who can cure this whether it's through medical means or a miracle!

    I told my best friend that it scares me to get that angry at God and she said that it's OK because He has broad shoulders and alot of forgiveness and mercy.

    My prayers go out to anyone who thinks they are atheists because it must be very lonely to feel that way.




    god is asking you.... 07/15/04 12:51 AM

    well being connected to god at the time of illness is a great thing to have in your corner....but when it comes down to it god doesnt pick and chose who gets what illness...remember there are millions of children starving, diseased filled townships with little or no medical help. around the we speak ten of thousands are dying of simple diseases...when you compare whats going on around the world we should be thankful really on what we have.
    I am planning to take a trip to some poor cities in mexico in a few weeks, i hit the dollar store...10 tooth brushes for a buck! well not the best quality but to them its gold.
    A bottle of asprin, toliet paper, tampax, canned food...
    we may complain a alot but when you look at the big picture we are very lucky....god wants you to give no matter how hard you may be suffering because there are millions of others who are in worse shape than us, so when your down and out remember the people who really have nothing, we are super lucky and very rich.....jgavi



    Also a christian 07/15/04 03:41 AM

    If I didn't believe in God and had complete faith that he has a plan for me and knows best, then I don't know how I would face this dd every day.
    I still get down in the dumps every now and again, but I remind myself that God loves me and there is a reason for everything, you as a mere human being cannot even attempt to grasp the actions of the almighty God, that is why you have to have faith and just hand your problems over to Him every day, He will be more than happy to carry them for you.
    Maybe this emptiness you are feeling are God's voice you are hearing, calling you to Him, he loves his children and doesn't want any of them lost.
    You have tried being an atheist and it left you with feelings of angst and depression, maybe you should surrender your heart to God and see where that leads you.




    Not me 07/15/04 04:17 AM

    Never. I am a Christian.




    Christian here 07/15/04 04:33 AM

    I was born and raised catholic but now I am a born again Christain.
    I talk to the Lord everyday now for the lasr few year, the same way I did when I was a child.
    I use to have doubts, but whenever I ask the Lord to reveil himself to me or just show me a sign that he care. He will do this.
    Christians still suffer, but now I know that I am not alone.
    when we deal with illness such as fibromyalgia, it is hard to convince the world sometimes what we are going through.
    But at least I know there is someone in my corner (The Lord) he knows and counts my tears and even though I don't know why we suffer so, I do know that he cares for us and counts are tears. I could go on and on, but will stop here.
    My only regret was I did not have a personal freindship with the Lord sooner, the way I did when I was a child.
    hope this helps.
    this is on of my favorite scriptures

    I know the thoughts I think toward you, says the LORD, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope. Then you will call on Me and go and pray to me, you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for me with all your heart.
    jerimiah 29;11-13

    I would never judge anyone for their own beliefs, or non beliefs.
    just sharing who I am in Christ



    Proud Pagan here! 07/15/04 04:44 AM

    I don't believe that a God made me sick, and I don't think a God is going to cure me. We all have illnessess and other bad things to deal with, every single one of us on this planet. That's the way life is. I believe we have the strength within ourselves to battle any obstacle. We just have to look within to find it.



    Christian here 07/15/04 05:02 AM

    You know, I am glad you brought this up. I always wondered ...
    What or who gives and athiest hope? Who do they turn to to help them handle things?

    I can not imagine going through life not having God to lean on. It is such a relief to know I don't have to handle all of this stuff on my own. All I have to do is turn it over to Him, the stress decreases and I can rest easier.
    It is such a relief to have hope, and to know I am not alone.... ever!

    Also to know that for all the pain I have, Jesus had suffered so much more than I did, so that I could stay with Him forever. He took all my sins, and everyone else's and bore them for us, he was in so much pain from it that even on our worst days, we can not imagine how much He hurt, and He did it all voluntarily for us.... he didn't HAVE to do it. He could have said "no thanks!" He could have walked away from it at any moment, but He chose to stay and do this for US..... because of all of the love he has for us.

    It is overwhelming to think that someone loves me so much He would take on all the pain imaginable, and die for me just to save me from an eternity in Hell.

    Jen it sounds to me as though you may be rethinking the athiest point of view. Maybe God has been speaking to you, whispering your name, and all you need to do is answer Him. He'll take you back, because He never left your side. He is just waiting patiently for you to see Him there again.
    Even though you say you don't believe in Him, He still believes in you..... all you need to do is see Him there again.
    I'll bet if you just say "Ok God, even though I am not sure of this, please show me you are still here". He'll show you. I'll bet you'll start to feel a peacefullness that wasn't there before. You may even get a few unexpected surprises.... blessings.... you may not ever feel well again. You may never lose your pain. But you will get peace of mind and heart, knowing you aren't facing this alone. KNowing you have someone to lean on 24/7, someone who will never leave you, soeone who will never say 'get over it, it's in your head"... someone who knows your pain, shares it and can comfort you even on the worst days.

    I'll say a prayer for you, even though you don't believe in it.... that you'll see God and find comfort in Him.



    I too am a Christian.... 07/15/04 05:53 AM

    and there have been moments I wonder if I am being punished...but.. I remember that the Lord suffered too... just for you and me...and all! I have a feeling you may be wondering about this because, maybe you do realize there IS a God, and I want to assure you that..yes we are facing a very big battle right now with physical/emotional/spiritual pain even us who have given our hearts to the Lord. There are many Saints in the Bible who suffered physical pain, depression, and many other tribulations. I could try to convince you of my beliefs, but I realize that is not what you are asking right now.. smile.

    Let me assure you, you are not being punished for your unbelief. So. Hugs to you.... and remember God does love you...and He wants you to know that....

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    I am a Christian 07/15/04 06:05 AM

    and I know we are here to learn lessons to perfect our souls.. my husband constantly says but why you ?? My reply is always the same.. Why not me ??

    When I am in a really bad flare and feel at my wits end I always see someone worse off than me.. and think.. 'There but for the grace of God go I'

    I thank the Lord for my beautiful healthy children and grandchildren and count my blessings every day.



    Good post/question jenunsa~ 07/15/04 06:27 AM

    I don't know if every athiest feels depression and anger~ But thinking if I did'nt beleive in a higher power,...what a sad,meaningless,waste of time this all would be! so that alone would make my condition worse.
    In trying times its natural to lean to God. And its a good feeling regardless wether or not my prayers are answered . Things come in due time.
    You must have faith and keep the faith!! Do not doubt it.
    Do you ever hear a small voice inside you guiding you into decision makings or whats right to do and wrong to do?that little voice we call intuition?? Is'nt it mostly right?? If you listen to your intiution, your usually on the right track ~ I believe this intuition/voice is God. he resides in us all~ We are his children!!

    I was reading a book just recently,- subject spirituality,.... and this phrase stands out in my mind. (really think about it)

    *Do not look so much at the things you see~
    But look more closely to the things you don't see~

    Theres so much power in prayer!! and believing!
    Look deep inside your heart.....We are all one~

    I hope you find your own answers~

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    A Christian... 07/15/04 06:35 AM


    I have never not known life without Jesus. And if were not for my faith, I would have never gotten through the many *opportunities* that have been presented in my life.

    Love ya, Kristen



    Hi jen 07/15/04 07:03 AM

    Hi Jen,
    I Couldn't Imagine, Not Having My God To Beleave in & Let me tell ya , I;m So Lucky I Do, I Come from a Very Abusive
    childhood, And if I Didn't Beleave in God I dont Knpow wear I would be, As I Became a Adult, In my 20"s I Had to Deal w
    and if I hadn't beleaved in my God& have a christian councelor, I dont know what would of happend(Memorey"s)
    Also I had a 8-1/2 Earlie Baby boy Witch was fine, But had alot of problim's at birth ,And 5 blood tranfushion's, Well whaen he was just maybe 1-1/2 I was at church one Sunday & they wear talking about The Aid's Virious & how we Brought it opon AreSelf's, I said Wait just one minute, My son had 5 transfushion's ,you'r Telling me if he Has aid's it's his falt? Yes Basicly ,Well I said , My God is a loving God And would not do that to my son, Anyway I left that church , And the correct ,Statment in the Bible say's : Threw our Sin's as people' Thear would be DD's from our own doing,,
    Its Not God who gave us thease thing's witch once you think about It, I Can Understand, The Good & Evil Concept,
    And Now With Fibro, I'v begged God to take me home, Many Times , But Thankfullie, With Med's & My own Will to life,
    I know Its not God who alowed this horrable DD, But, With All thease people who have it thear may be a cure ,Becuse My God Gave use Brain's to figure thease thing;s out
    Love & peace .
    Cindy G.



    Read beween the lines, a message is waiting from God 07/15/04 08:00 AM

    Dear Sweet Jen,

    After reading my long post that hasn't been posted yet, please rethink this Atheism believe. Read all of our posts very carefully and you will find a message from God between the lines. May God continue to bless you and hold you in the palm of his hands! It's all in the asking, that's all you need to do, if you choose. Peace, Moonwatcher



    Good thought! 07/15/04 08:08 AM

    Since I'm continually seeking a possible link. . .a reason. . .the reason. ??? Could you check out my post named "Seeking possible link...Please ~ Help." There could be a connection here with our gathered thoughts.

    You state. . .

    >>"I stopped believing in god when I was 13 or 14."<<

    In my experience this has happened to me and many others at times in our lives. Seems to be at the most difficult junctures we have found our Selves.

    Could it be that those of us who have found our selves at a place so challenging, so difficult, that we chose to "give up" and "stopped believing in a God/Higher-Greater Force?"

    What event occured when you were 13 - 14???




    I believe..... 07/15/04 08:25 AM

    I can not imagine going through life without this faith in God.

    I was once given this example as I was trying to determine how and what I should put my faith in....I will share it with you now so you can decide for yourself what makes the most since:

    I can choose here on earth to either live my life believing that there is a God. Believing that there is a life after this one. Believing that there is a Heaven (a place in the presense of God) and that there is a hell (a place in the absense of God.) When I come to the end of my life I find out that I was wrong in my beliefs...what did I loose? The Christian life that I live keeps me at peace with my fellow men(women) and helps me to have an inner peace that is hard to explain to those who are still searching. This life is one that follows the laws of the land. (Well I do speed occasionally, but I try not too!) A life that draws a line between what is right and wrong. A life that abides by the golden rule as closely as I can!

    My other option is to choose to live my life not believing in the Christian faith. Living and believing that there is no God, no Heaven nor hell. I live my life without any order, always doing what is best for me and disregarding the commandments found in the Bible. Commandment and laws that teach us how to live peaceable with our fellow man. Then when life is over, I find, as a "non-believer" in God that I was the one mistaken and there really is a God.

    I was and am a very logical person and I usually make good decision when there is a clearly and definable "good decision/bad decision".

    So let me ask you who has the most to lose if they are wrong? Or maybe I should ask first if you believe that the civilized law which we all currently try to live by is a law actually worth living under, of if you would prefer to live under the "only the best and strongest survive" or "Jungle" laws. A law that says take what you can and leave the rest to.... well I am rambling.

    It was pretty easy decision for me. I have many other reasons why I believe in God. This is just one of my reasons from the logical point of view.

    There are those who will no doubt want to "logically" argue the point in this "situation" I presented for logic as to how can it be a "true" faith if there is this question of doubt...this acknowledgement that perhaps I could be wrong and upon death I will find that there really is no God at all...I would as this point refer you to the Bible which I believe to be inspired by the God in whom I believe.

    Go to the New Testament of the King James Version of the scriptures and read in Mark chapter 9 verse 17 through 24. This is about a man who brought his son whom he described as having a "dumb spirit" which when it would take hold of his son it would "tear" him and he would "foam and gnash his teeth" Jesus asked the man how long it had been with his son and the man said since he was a child. The man asked Jesus if he could help since the deciples were not able to heal the son. Jesus then said in verse 23 "...If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth" the man replied "Lord, I believe; help thou my unbelief."

    This is one example how God can take the faith we have, understanding that within that faith there will be some times of unbelief, but as long as we trust him with all the faith we have on our own, and fully trust him to cover that unbelieving part of us, that my friend is a working faith. A faith that has weaknesses and limitations, but a faith that has a God that is stronger then our weakness.

    That is the best I can describe my faith from the logical side. Their can and will be many many more places where those who do not believe can find fault with how a christian trust blindly in something he has never seen. I will not, simply for the sake of argument, try to persuade you or any other atheist to believe in my God. I will simply say that I do believe, and I respect your right to not believe. I do not understand your choice not to believe anymore then you understand my belief...

    Good luck to you as you fight this terrible disease. I wish for you my friend to find the peace I found in my belief of God. I wish for you yo find true joy beyond (or in spite of)the pain of this illness.

    Gently hugs from Woodie



    agnostic 07/15/04 08:31 AM


    I am actually an agnostic leaning more toward athiesm. People of ALL religeons get sick.



    Dear Jenunsa, 07/15/04 08:32 AM

    I was like you in that I was a skeptic and really didn't give too much thought to God and an afterlife until I had a bad bout with depression 3 years ago.

    I just posted about it on Moonwatchers post but I will try to recap here. I started reading every book I could find with a scientific foundation about God and the Big Bang theory (Quantum mechanics).

    I believe that God led me to these books, because it literally changed my way of thinking about God. It needed to be scientifically based for me because that is the way I think about things.

    Even though I was a skeptic, I still went to Church all those years because I wanted my children to grow up with a belief in God.

    When I was really bad, I made an appointment with our minister and told him about my problems and my dilemma with being skeptical. He told me that maybe I should just pray to God to help me to acquire faith and so I did that day after day and gradually I began to believe.

    Now I read the Bible everyday and also Christian books and believe me I would have never thought even 5 years ago that I would be typing this to anyone!

    I don't know how old you are, but I think that faith sometimes comes with age. My suggestion to you is to start reading books about God and faith and see if it may make a change in your life.

    Take care and may God bless you. Sally



    Christian here! 07/15/04 08:38 AM

    If I didn't have the GRACE of God...I'd go nuts!



    Curious: how many of us are athiests? 07/15/04 08:45 AM

    I am a Born Again Christian and being in pain actualy draws me closer to God. I lean on him for so many of my emotional needs and he gives me promises I look so forward too.

    Just to let those of you who do not know God.......he LOVES YOU! Once you seek him, and know him, you will change how you feel about yourself. He gives me strength I would not have on my own.

    Also, pray is the center of ones life who leans on God, through the tough spots.

    Jesus loves you and so do I

  2. Yesh

    Yesh New Member

    is like living a life without hope. Hope comes form the faith that God knows what is best for us, and he only permits things that bring us to the place he wants us to be. Without faith, one has no hope for the future.

    Have I ever been angry with God for the things he allowed to happen, you bet ya. I was extremly angry with God when my one and only child was diagnoised with schizophrenia. However, my son was able to find good things with this diagnosis. I sat in amazement as my son stated all the reasons he was thankful God had given him this awful disease. My son's main reason for being thandful, it is making him a more compasionate, understanding, patient, sensitive human being. My son's attitude is, "I may not be able to accomplish all the dreams I had, but I am becoming a better human being, and for that this diease it worth it.

    I pray that God will give you eyes that see and ears that hear, and that he softens you heart so you can see and hear his truths.